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Custom Pinch And Pull Bags

Custom smell proof bag is also known as the smelly proof bags, smell proof weed bags, odor proof bag or odor resistant bag and most of the time used for preserving products, such as breast milk, weed, marijuana or other smell products. Yarktech provide high quality smell proof bags wholesale service. Our products include breast milk storage bags, weed bags, sealable mylar bags, mylar bags, mylar heat seal bags, smell proof mylar bags, smell proof bags, smell proof bags for weed and airtight smell proof bags. Plastic is the common material of smell proof bags. While most of the smell proof weed bags are made of complex, reusable complex materials and fabrics. A good bag design can preserve your products well, yark’s smell proof bags have professional bag design, and provide an excellent storing environment for your products.

  • CR008

  • Yarktech

Child Resistant Pinch and Pull bags

Model name

Mylar bags


Aluminum material


Child proof packaging


Welcome custom



Suit for

CBD Chocolate bar/Gummies/Hard candy/Cannabis




Logo printed is available


Whether or not you like the aesthetic of heat sealable Mylar bags as your flower or edible pouches, you may end up needing some form of Mylar bag, potentially heat and seal bags, at your dispensary. Numerous states have implemented strict exit bag laws, most of which include full opacity. While you may or may not need child resistant exit bags, you certainly need exit bags of some sort.

Up until recently, some states were allowing dispensaries to utilize child resistant exit bags to house their non-child resistant cannabis containers. However, that was a temporary measure to allow businesses to get up to code with newer packaging requirements. In California, for instance, that lasted until December 31st, 2019. Come January 1st, 2020, all cannabis products had to start being packaged in child resistant containers.

In addition to exit bag requirements, many states have strict laws about the opacity of cannabis packaging. In Colorado, for instance, all cannabis products must be in fully opaque, child resistant, tamper evident containers - our Pinch N Pull heat sealable foil bags are perfect for fulfilling those requirements. In California, though, only edibles need to be in opaque containers, whereas flower can be in vista bags or clear jars.

So, in California, you can use our opaque Pinch N Pull heat proof bag options for your edibles and can proudly display your flower in the vista Pinch N Pull heat seal pouches. Do you need Pinch N Pull Mylar heat seal bags? No, there are child resistant, tamper evident, and fully opaque jars, boxes, and other packaging options on our website. But if you do want to use Mylar bags and have to meet strict requirements, our Pinch N Pull bags are one of your very best options.

If you are interested in displaying your cannabis products in vista bags (and your state allows that), be sure to check out our full collection of heat seal clear bags. There are tons of different choices, including the silver vista bags we mentioned earlier, that show off flower and edibles while also keeping them safe.


1. Can i do special sized bags?

Yes, we can change the size you need.

2. How many colors can be printed?

Yes. we can do 8-9 colors.

3. Can we do any finishing?

Yes, we can printing matt / gloss and UV finishing.


Product Category


Child Resistant Packaging

Custom Packaging


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