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What is Spot Varnish?

Spot varnish is a printing technique that involves applying a thin, transparent coating over selected areas of a printed surface. This leaves the rest of the box or packaging untouched. This technique creates a lustrous and glossy finish, enhancing the visual appeal and overall aesthetics of the packaging.

The spot varnish can be applied to a wide variety of cannabis packaging, including rigid packaging boxes, cardboard boxes, paper boxes, but also mylar bags or sticks and labels.

Patterns can be coated directly with spot varnish without printing.This gives an elegant look to your cannabis packaging box. It can be incorporated into your logo or other information you want to display to potential cannabis buyers.

There are flat and raised spot varnishes available. Flat spot varnish is a shiny layer of lacquer applied over the printed design. Raised spot varnish is applied to the paper and creates a 3D effect.

Flat Spot Varnish

Flat spot varnish is a shiny layer of lacquer applied over the graphic design. It is commonly used in magazines and books to enhance the visual appeal of printed material. The varnish provides a glossy finish that enhances the contrast of printed text and images, making them easier to read and visually appealing.

Raised Spot Varnish

Raised spot varnish, also known as embossing varnish, is raised off the paper and creates a 3D effect. It is commonly used in the printing industry to add depth and dimension to printed materials. The varnish is applied in a specific pattern or design, creating a raised effect that stands out from the paper surface.

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