What is Dispensary packaging

Custom dispensary packaging refers to the specialized packaging solutions designed specifically for dispensaries in the cannabis industry. These packaging solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of dispensaries, such as child-resistant features, proper labeling, and secure storage for cannabis products. Custom dispensary packaging helps ensure compliance with regulations and enhances the overall customer experience.

What kind of dispensary packaging does Yark offer?

A custom dispensary packaging provider, Yark provides a wide range of packaging solutions for cannabis dispensaries. These solutions include custom packaging for pre-roll tubes/boxes, custom packaging for vaporizers, custom packaging for concentrate glass jars, child-resistant bags and boxes, custom-printed boxes, custom clam-shell blister packaging etc. Our knowledge of cannabis-specific. paper allows us to provide dispensaries with quick packaging solutions.

Vaporizer devices predominate all cannabis-related products. Consequently, many types of vaporizer packaging have developed around dispensary cartridge packaging. This dispensary cartridge packaging includes vape cartridges, vape pods, disposable vape pens, and other vaporizers

The packaging of many cannabis-related products includes a hinge tab in order to make them more visible in dispensaries. This helps dispensaries easily identify which products are cannabis-related and which are not. It also makes it easier for consumers to find what they want.

The hinge tab can be added to most custom dispensary cartridge boxes, such as rigid drawer boxes, folding carton boxes, etc.

Aside from dispensary cartridge boxes, display boxes can also be utilized for displaying dispensary cartridge packaging. This can be used for retail and display purposes. Display boxes can be made of different paper cardboard, They are often used in retail stores to showcase the product and make it easier for customers to select the right product. Display boxes and master cases can also be used to store and transport products.

The most popular dispensary cartridge packaging is below

- Custom vape cartridge carton boxes (can be designed for various vaporizers)

- Custom vaporizer rigid boxes (can be designed as a sliding box, magnetic box, setup boxes)

-Custom vape cartridges paper tubes

-Custom vape cartridges mylar bags

-Custom display boxes for cannabis-related products

Dispensary Pre Roll packaging

The market for dispensary pre-roll packaging is rapidly growing due to the increasing legalization and popularity of cannabis products. Dispensaries cater to a wide range of customers, including recreational and medical users. It is crucial for them to provide a safe and appealing packaging solution for their pre-roll products.

In addition to offering the smoke-like experience of a traditional cigarette, cannabis pre-rolls are more eco-friendly than other cannabis-related products containing plastic

Here is the most popular dispensary pre-roll packaging we can offer

Custom Pre-Roll carton boxes

Custom Pre Roll Rigd boxes

Custom Pre Roll tubes

Custom Pre Roll Mylar bags

Custom Display boxes for Pre-Roll

Dispensary Shatter Wax/Concentrate Packaging

It refers to the specialized packaging used for storing and selling cannabis concentrates such as shatter wax. This market has seen a significant growth in recent years due to the increasing popularity and demand for cannabis concentrates among consumers. The packaging is designed to ensure the freshness, potency, and safety of the product, while also offering a convenient and user-friendly experience for customers.

Here are some of our most popular shatter wax/concentrate packaging options

-Custom magnetic box for concentrate jar

-Custom carton boxes for Concentrate Jar

-Custom paper box for shatter/wax

-Custom Shatter envelopes

- Custom paper concentrate tubes

Dispensary edibles packaging

Cannabis edibles packaging is a rapidly growing industry. As demand for cannabis edibles rises, cannabis companies are increasingly focused on creating innovative and effective packaging solutions. This is to ensure their products' safety, convenience, and aesthetics.

Cannabis edibles are usually packaged in resealable bags, child-proof containers or individually wrapped portions

As a paper & printed packaging manufacturer, we strive to provide custom printed packaging boxes for cannabis-edibles as secondary packaging.

-Custom tuck end box (for gummy, CBD chocolate etc)

- Custom printed rigid draw boxes (for CBD chocolate bars, gummies, and other products)

- Custom edible mylar bags

Mylar bags have become the go-to choice for packaging and storing cannabis products. Their ability to preserve freshness, prevent odor, and ensure product integrity make them indispensable in the cannabis industry.

Odor-proof : Mylar bags are airtight, keeping flowers/prerolls smelling fresh

Air-tight: This prevents moisture, oxygen, and other external factors from affecting cannabis products quality

Food Safe: They are suitable for packaging edible cannabis products, such as gummies, cookies, and other food items. The materials used to construct the bags are free of harmful chemicals and toxins, ensuring their safety.

Customizable and printable: This allows for personalized branding and labeling, enhancing the visual appeal of the packaging. This can be especially critical for cannabis-related products, as many consumers prefer products made with care and attention.

Flexibility: They are stretchable and can be easily manipulated, making them suitable for packaging a wide range of products. It can be a flat maylar bags, stand up pouch bag, normal zipper bag, child-proof bags and other special bags

It is easy to customize these dispensary packaging bags in different sizes with a small quantity to start, generally 2K would be a good quantity to start with

Child-resistant features: This makes them harder for young children to open, reducing accidental ingestion risk. This feature is especially useful when packaging cannabis-related products that appeal to children.

Custom Dispensary Label

Custom labeling is essential for compliance with regulations governing cannabis packaging. These regulations vary across jurisdictions and may include specific requirements for font size, labeling materials, and content. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in legal consequences, including fines or even product recalls. Custom labels ensure that products meet all necessary regulatory requirements.

Start creating custom dispensary labels for your cannabis packaging (flower bags, vaporizer packaging, edible packaging, tincture packaging etc) . The labels can be printed in full color, in different sizes, made of different materials, and treated on a variety of surfaces.

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Custom Dispensary Display Boxes

In dispensaries & weed shops, there is usually not enough space for large counter tops & display shelves, so marijuana retailers have to come up with innovative ways to store their inventory. Increasingly, dispensaries are using vertical shelving systems and compact cabinets to maximize storage space and offer a better shopping experience for their customers.

A custom printed dispensary display box can provide a professional and organized look, as well as increase sales. Cannabis products can also be protected by these boxes.

There are many different types of display boxes, such as gravity display boxes, master cases, shipping boxes, and cardboard countertop boxes, that can serve as mini-display cases

Brands with cannabis products are free to print anything they want on the boxes used for their dispensaries.

If you would like to start a custom dispensary display box journey, contact us, we will provide the appropriate type of display box, the right dieline to get you moving in the right direction

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Child resistant dispensary packaging box

As a manufacturer of paper and printing packaging boxes for cannabis packaging for many years, we have been observing the cannabis industry's growth and developing appropriate packaging to meet the needs of Cannabis products. These fields include medical cannabis, recreational cannabis, and CBD products. Each of these segments requires child-resistant packaging to ensure the safety of children and comply with regulations. Whether it's cannabis-infused edibles, vape cartridges, or pre-rolled joints, our packaging solutions prioritize both functionality and compliance.

Below is Child-resistant dispensary packaging we can offer

- child resistant vape cartridge packaging

- child resistant concentrate packaging

- child resistant pre-roll packaging

- child resistant flower packaging

- child resistant edible packaging

In today's environmentally conscious world, sustainability has become a crucial factor in various industries, including packaging. As the leading cannabis box packaging provider, Yark recognizes the importance of eco-friendly packaging solutions for dispensaries. We strive to provide the packaging with less plastic. Yark offers a variety of sustainable packaging options, such as compostable and biodegradable packaging, which are safer for the environment. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, sustainable packaging solutions to meet their needs.



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