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Live Rosin Child Resistant Glass Jars

YARK provides various of Child Resistant Live Rosin Glass Jars. 7ml glass jars, 9ml glass jars, 5 ml glass jars and even 3 oz and 5 oz glass jars,for cannabis flower.
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How to select a suitable Live Rosin Child Resistant Glass Jars for your products?

It is a common question for many people who come to oil slick to figure out what is the best concentrate jar. 

We offer you a wide range of cannabis extracts, whether you're looking for dab, wax, concentrates, rosin, shatter, or any other type of cannabis extract. 

There is no doubt that the best concentrates jar for you can be found inside of one of our packaging collections.

Child resistant live rosin glass jars

 We have:

5ml glass jars

7ml glass jars

9ml glass jars

and even 3oz and 5oz glass jars for cannabis flower.

Live Rosin Glass JarsLive Rosin Glass Jars

Smaller sizes, like 7 ml, 9 ml, and 5 ml are available mostly for concentrates, but if you need a lot of concentrate, to the tune of 1g or more, you'll have to choose a larger size, like a 9 ml child-resistant jar.

Child resistant CBD glass jar packaging box


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Child Resistant Packaging

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