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Custom Cannabis Pre-Roll Tin

This is 0.25mm thick tinplate prerolled joints packaging box with child resistant.Childproof 5 pack pre roll cigarette joint tin box, custom paper divider or plastic divider insert.We accept custom design, our professional design team can support you.


Metals tins are an exceptionally discrete and ergonomic pre-roll packaging type that always fits easily in the pocket and feels natural in the hand regardless of the tin size. There is a tin that is just your size. Our tins also feature a variety of lid closures to deliver whatever experience you are looking for.

Why Custom Pre Roll Boxes?

Dispensaries dedicated to the customer experience, exceptional product quality and safety, know that the right types of boxes and packaging can make a big difference.

Custom pre-roll boxes are often the ideal solution, empowering dispensaries and smoke shops to put their own touch on the end product, defining everything from colors and shapes to the overall design and marketing messaging.

Pre-roll boxes are the final advertisement customers see right before making a buying decision. The right pre-roll boxes can highlight product benefits and draw attention for all the right reasons…all of which results in increased sales and satisfaction.

Reinforce your customers’ desires and support their decision to make a purchase with customized boxes that represent your brand and support your values. For those who enjoy joints, the pre-roll box is the first experience they will have with your product. Even before lighting up, they begin to form (subconsciously) opinions about the product, value, and what to expect.

Cheap, low-grade boxes may indicate an inferior product or a lax business that just doesn’t care about the details, final touches, or enhancing the user’s experience.

Unique, Dynamic and Custom-Tailored Solutions 

No two brands or dispensaries are alike. Each deserves its own special touch when it comes to pre-roll boxes and other types of cannabis packaging. The right solution will keep cannabis safe, fresh, and well-protected until its time to light up.

Custom logos, color schemes, messaging, dimensions, and more all act to elevate the overall experience customers have when interacting with the product.

More Options

  1. CR001 Child Resistant 10 Packs Prerolled Packaging box

  2. CR004 Childproof Box Packaging for 3 pack, 4 packs, 5 packs, 7 packs, custom dimensions freely.


  3. Magnetic Closed Prerolled Boxes Packaging


  4. Kraft Paper Magnetic Closed Preroll Joints Packaging Box



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Child Resistant Packaging

Custom Packaging


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