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Custom Vape Cartridge Child Resistant Packaging

Child Resistant certificated, there are different vape cartridge packaging options, tin case vape cartridge, rigid paper vape cartridge packaging, paper tube packaging, retangle vape cartridge packaging, kraft paper vape cartridge packaging


There are multiple child proof packaging boxes give your flexible choices, here's the introduction of different models for your information

CR001: it's a structure with child lock on the side, built-in foam insert to hold the vape cartridge inside the box

CR001S:  if you prefer full cardboard vape cartridge packaging with no foam insert, CR001S will be an ideal packaging, it's child resistant certificated packaging box with full cardboard insert

CR002 : it's a hexagonal plastic tube that is specially designed for cannabis product, press the CR cap and rotate it out, best options for vape cartridge, cannabis pills, it has 1.0ml and 0.5ml long tube options

CR003S: this is an upgraded version of the child resistant plastic box, it's made of PC material, that is more clear, anti-broken, with this CR003S packaging will make your brand/product more impressive 

CR004: the child lock is inserted to the back of the box, this is a very applicable box design for all the cannabis products, like says vape cartridge, tincture, to be as cannabis chocolate box, to be preroll cones packaging, etc

CR005: different from CR002,it's a paper child resistant tube, it's fully printable, the tube size is customized 

CR006: Another rectangle child resistant packaging box for higher end options, it's rigid paper made rectangle box, if you want to make a out-standing box, choose this

CR007: It's a CR tin case, printable, the advantages of this tin case its price, with larger quantity, the price will be good

CR010 : It's more than like a display box, like jewelry box, you might add a paper outer box around it

How to get a right template?

Step1: Advise the cartridge dimensions ( diameter & length)

Step2: Confirm if CR function is required

Step3: Choose your preference box style

Step4: Confirm the insert you want

Step5: Template done


How to get an accurate quote?

Step1: Send the artwok in Ai file & PDF file

Step2: Advise the surface treatments you want

Step3: Confirm the quantity

Step4: Quote sent


How to make the samples?

Step1: Send the expanded Ai file & PDF file

Step2: Confirm the surface treatments

Step3: Make the digit proof samples

Step4: Make the real samples after the digit proof sample is confirmed


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Child Resistant Packaging

Custom Packaging


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