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Child safe lock cardboard box

CR004 child resistant cardboard pre-rolls box features a pre-made folding paper insert to accommodate multiple pre rolls. To release the tray from the shell, we shall press the backside button at the same time, and then push the tray out. It is literally difficult for children under 5 to operate. However, it is convenient for adults to open.


Packaging boxes are often used for packaging cosmetics, glues, medicines, chemicals, etc. These household items are prone to accidental ingestion if they are opened by young children. 

So people invented the anti-opening;safety lock;, which greatly reduces the risk of children eating by mistake. The design principle of the child safety lock box is to set the box in two layers inside and outside. If you only press the button with force, the lid cannot be opened.

The user must push the button down while driving the inner box to open the box. Since the opening method involves force applied in two directions, the difficulty of opening for children is increased, and the safety can be improved. 

The child safety lock box is designed to prevent children from opening the medicine or chemical packaging box, thereby reducing the risk of accidentally ingesting medicines or chemicals. Safety locks are usually used in CBD & THC pharmaceuticals, medicines, and various packaging that are not suitable for children that are often used in the home environment.

However, the design of the packaging box to protect children's safety is not only on the outer box button. Even if the packaging box has a safety lock design, consumers still have to place or store medicines or chemicals out of children's reach, in order to truly reduce the risk of children's ingestion and provide safer care for children's healthy growth.

So for the safety of children, we provide customized packaging for child safety lock boxes.

The procedure from idea to a finished packaging

1) Get your ideal packaging design

2) Create a template accordingly

3) Providing the template to customers for the design

4) Pre-production sample arrangement

5) Sample is confirmed

6) Starting mass production

7) Shipping


Q:What is MOQ ?

A: The MOQ is 2000 pcs for custom order

Q:Can I get my logo on the products?

A: Sure. We also provide custom packaging design.

Q: What's the cooperation delivery?

A: DHL, Fedex, Ups and so on.

Q: What's your extra service? And do you have after sales service?

A: Yes, we'll reply within 12h.

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Child Resistant Packaging


Child Resistant Packaging

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