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Child Lock Square Paper Box

This is our CR series paper tube. There is a child lock function, and it has passed the US CFR 1700.20 certification. It has a simple appearance and a good feel. We provide customized services, and meet the requirements, we can customize samples and mail them to you.


Yarktech teaches you how to attract consumers' attention to product packaging

First: Promotional concept Promoting product sales is one of the important functional concepts of packaging boxes. In the past, people mainly relied on salesmen’s sales and introductions when buying goods, but now supermarket self-selection has become a common way for people to buy goods. In the process of consumers opening the shelves to buy, the packaging of goods naturally acts as a silent advertisement or silent salesman. If the product packaging design can attract the attention of consumers and fully stimulate their desire to buy, then the packaging truly reflects the concept of promotion.

Second: Packaging with excellent humanity concepts must adapt to the storage, transportation, exhibition and sales of goods, as well as the carrying and opening of consumers. For this reason, the packaging design must be made with reasonable proportions, rigorous structure, and exquisite shape, focusing on its shape and material beauty, contrast and coordination beauty, rhythm and rhythm beauty, and strive to achieve the packaging structure with complete functions and exquisite appearance. , So as to adapt to production, sales and even use.

So we can carry out customized packaging according to the above concepts.

The procedure of custom packaging

◆Got your ideal packaging design

◆Create a template accordingly

◆Providing the template to customers for the design

◆Pre-production sample(digital proof sample) arrangement

◆Sample is confirmed

◆Starting mass production



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Child Resistant Packaging

Custom Packaging


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