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Cbd Vape Cart Box Packaging

this is high-end childproof box of cbd cart packaging, it will help you pack CBD vape cartridge of your like. Not only change your cartridge packaging style, But also increase your retail price, you can get more profit.


Cbd Vape Cart Box Packaging

This child resistant paper box is designed for vape cartridge packaging.

Despite meeting 16 CFR 1700.20 child-resistance standards, it is easy for adults to release the tray from the shell. This makes the slide box a child-resistant but senior-friendly vaping carts packaging option.

Our CR box comes with a locking button on the tray side. The locking button locks into the hole on the shell. To release the tray, press the button and then slide the tray out of the shell.

A display window is available on the front side, convenient to showcase the product inside. In addition, we support custom printing for optimal retail presence. Tell us your packaging and labeling concepts, and it's our job to make them come true.Let's start the journey to make your cannabis brand stand out on the dispensary shelf!

Through the details of the above picture, you should observe that there are different bright surfaces and complex lines on the box.

We use a variety of processes, but not only these, we have more, wait until you find and combination. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact me

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