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510 Cartridge Packaging

510 vape cartridge packaging come with different design options, iPhone style box, magnet vape cartridge box, drawer box for 510 cartridge,plastic CR box


There are many styles of packaging that can be used as 510 cartridge packaging. In terms of box type, There are high-end iphone styles, drawer boxes, magnet boxes, round tubes, and rectangular boxes. These boxes can be customized and can be different according to different products, in additional, there are chid resistant packaging and non child resistant packaging optional

Non child resistant packaging type 

#1 iPhone stype box, it's a rigid box that will give an high-end feeling to the consumers, And it’s a more economical and cost-effective box,it's more than like a gift box, Choose this product as the box for the 510 cartridge,it will be help in reducing your cost with the most high-end feeling 

#2 Magnetic vape cartridge packaging, this will be greatly reduce your labor cost at your final packing stage , you can open the cover very easier in a very very short time and then put cartridge in the box with no more than 2 seconds

#3  Drawer box vape pen packaging


Child Resistant Packaging


Child Resistant Packaging

Custom Packaging

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