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Custom Pre-Roll Joint Case

CR004 pre roll packaging has multiple versions for choose, With paper divider insert and matches strip and match location , You can make different designs according to your preference. It is not only used for prerolled but also for batteries, vape pen, chocolate bar etc.


Custom Pre-Roll Joint Case

Craft Printing Materials
Foil-Stamping(Hot stamping) CMYK 4 color offset printing Kraft Paper
Embossing fluorescent printing Art Paper
Glossy  panton color Cardboard
Lamination UV printing Blister
Matt Lamination

UV Coating  




Frequently Asked Questions About Pre Roll Packaging

How Many Joints Can I Put In A Case?

How many joints you can fit in a case depends on the joints’ size and the box’s capacity. We make all types of joint cases/boxes that have all sorts of capacities. A classic case of multiple 1 ¼ (84mm long) pre rolls from a dispensary typically comes with 3 - 5 joints, and we have plenty of options for those numbers. But if you’re looking to get wild, we have joint boxes that can fit up to 12 84mm pre rolls.

Is Pre Roll Packaging Smell Proof?

It can be if you want! We make tons of smell proof pre roll packaging that will keep your kush’s dankness locked inside. From glass vials to mylar bags to plastic and tin containers, we have everything you need to secure your precious pre rolls. Plus, most of it is customizable!

Can I Put Edibles In Joint Packaging?

You can put some kinds of edibles into some kinds of joint packaging, yes. For instance, this container was designed to work for joints or small edibles like gummies - it’s even advertised as being suitable for both. This container is mainly designed and advertised for edibles, but it’s specifically listed in our “joint boxes” collection since it can also work for pre rolls. You can check out all of our joint and edible packaging options (some of which overlap)  here and here.

Can I Fit Blunts Into A Joint Tube?

If the joint tube is the right size, yes, you can fit a blunt into it. We make a wide array of joint tubes, many of which can be used for 1 ¼ blunts (84mm long). But we also make much larger joint tubes, such as this 115mm tall one, that can fit King size (109mm) blunts. Whatever size joint or blunt you’re looking to package, we (most likely) have some sort of casing option for them.

Who Makes The Best Pre Roll Packaging?

The very best pre roll packaging is right here at Yarktech Packaging. As our name suggests, we’re 100% focused on creatively and innovatively making useful, compliant, aesthetic, customizable cannabis packaging, and our line of pre roll packaging includes some of our favorite items. From luxurious glass vials to biodegradable pop tops to multi-joint push tin containers, we make every kind of pre roll packaging imaginable.



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