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Child Resistant Pre-Roll Joint Case

CR004 pre roll packaging has multiple versions for choose, With paper divider insert and matches strip and match location , You can make different designs according to your preference. It is not only used for prerolled but also for batteries, vape pen, chocolate bar etc.


Child Resistant Recyclable Pre-Roll Joint Case

Foil-Stamping(Hot stamping)CMYK 4 color offset printingKraft Paper
Embossingfluorescent printingArt Paper
Glossy panton colorCardboard
LaminationUV printingBlister
Matt Lamination

UV Coating  




What Is Pre Roll Packaging?

Pre roll packaging (a pre roll box, tube, or bag) is designed to keep your freshly rolled bud safe from harm and as fresh as the day it was harvested. One of the biggest considerations for cannabis businesses right now is compliance packaging - AKA exit bags, child-resistant caps, and tamper-evident labels. Pre roll case packaging has never been more important - both in terms of legality and for making sales.

Along with the legality and aesthetics of a joint holder case, smell proof designs are hugely appreciated by cannabis consumers. Even though marijuana has been legalized in several states, many people prefer discretion around their toking habits. No one wants to feel paranoid that people can smell their weed in their bag before they’ve even had a chance to smoke it. Our joint holder case smell proof options negate those concerns for your customers.

In addition to pre roll joint packaging, we also offer pre roll cone packaging. Pre rolled cones are a super convenient cannabis packaging product. Whether you’re looking to load cones with your heady strains or offer empty pre rolled cones to your customers, these babies definitely come in handy. Cones make rolling much less intimidating for cannabis novices, and offering them in your shop is a great way to help them learn the basics.

Does My Business Need Joint Packaging?

In short: yes, your business needs packaging for pre rolled joints (AKA a pre rolled joints pack). Even if you couldn’t care less about packaging aesthetics, there are still laws in place that require opaque exit packaging, child resistant packaging, and tamper evident caps/labels. While these laws vary from state to state, at least one or more of those listed probably applies in your region.

Tamper evident packaging is not only legally required, but it also assures your customers that the pre rolls from your shop are fresh and untainted. Child resistant pre roll packaging is, for obvious reasons, also legally required, but it adds more than just a layer of security for partaking parents and caregivers. Child proof packaging also helps increase the longevity of the joints in a pre roll holder.

The best pre roll packaging is typically also smell proof and aesthetically attractive. Marijuna being legal is still a fairly new concept to the majority of consumers, and no one wants the smell of weed wafting their bag while in a crowded coffee shop. Custom pre roll packaging is also a huge incentive for most consumers - people want something functionally beautiful, and we make that easy for you to provide.


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Child Resistant Packaging

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