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Custom Printed Rigid Sleeve Box for Live Resin Carts Packaging

  • Child-Resistant Mechanism: Provides a safe and compliant packaging solution for cannabis products.
  • Designed for customization: Available in multiple sizes and printing methods, allowing for unique branding opportunities.
  • Customized for THCp Carts: Specifically designed for THCp carts, ensuring an ideal fit and enhanced THCp Carts protection.
  • Rigid Cardboard Material: Made from high-quality cardboard that is durable and reliable.
  • An Elegant and Sophisticated Sleeve Packaging Design: Enhances shelf appeal with an elegant and sophisticated design.
  • With vertical and horizontal display options, you can increase visibility and attractiveness for a variety of display preferences.
  • Low MOQ
  • CR001S

  • YARK

Custom Printed Rigid Sleeve Boxes forCartsPackaging

Rigid Sleeve Boxes offer a convenient, secure way to packagecannabis oil. Theyalso providean attractiveand eye-catching look for customers. Additionally, they can be custom-printed to reflect the company's brand and image.

This custom printed rigid paper box is specifically designed for Live Resin carts ensuring both safety and aesthetic appeal. These custom printed rigid sleeve boxes for Live Resin carts are made with durable materials that provide excellent protection against breakage and damage during transportation.

Child-Resistant Mechanism:This box features secure locking mechanisms to prevent accidental opening and ensure the safety of the cartridge inside.

This box is made of high-quality rigid cardboard and features a secure lock system that keeps the Live Resin Cartssafe. Thebox is fully customizable, so you can add your logo and branding.


Child Resistant Packaging


Child Resistant Packaging

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