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Custom Pre Rolled Cone Tin Case

Outer dimensions: 114mm x 74mm x 16.5mm 
Inner dimensions: 110mm x 70mm x 14mm
Package material: Tin
Package style: Pre-Roll Tin Case
Use for: 5-8 109mm Pre-Rolls Cones
Child Resistance: Child Resistant
Color: White and Black or Custom
Environmental impact: 100% Recyclable

  • CR007 Pre-Rolls Tins
  • YARK

Custom Pre Rolled Cone Tin Case

These tin cases feel super premium in the hand and will definitely separate your brand from all the noise out there!

Sizing availability:

114mm x 74mm x 16.5mm and 80*50*16.5mm smaller size for option.

Pre Roll Sizes Can Fit: 116mm/109MM/98MM/84MM/72mm/mini sizes.

Divider insert:

This pro rolled cone tin case are stored in folded paper inserts. This method will allow you to easy obtain each pre rolls, and at the same time layout your design in the paper insert, you can also mark different flavors in each paper divider increase design, which can make your preroll tin box more different from each other and unique design. 

Child resistant mechanism:

Slide drawer child resistant tin case, 100% eco-friendly tinplate material.

The sliding tin box is equipped with child resistant mechanism on both sides, and pressing the two side, at the same time, pulling out the lid box to open.   Keep cannabis-infused products away from children and pets.

Safety package each pre-rolls and the other hemp products.


Please contact us for more details! We always welcome your sample order, you can get the samples for free.

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