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Custom Pre Rolled Cone Tin Case

​​​​​Child-resistant sliding design

Food-safe tinplate container

Recyclable and reusable

Customized design and printing

Suitable for pre-rolled joints, vaporizers, and edibles
  • CR007 Pre-Rolls Tins

  • YARK

Child-Resistant tin container for pre rolled joints

These child-resistant tin containers are specially designed for pre-rolled joints, they can be air-tight with a silicone piece on the lid, they are smell-proof, durable, and the tight seal ensures that the joints stay fresh.

Sizing availability:

This child-resistant tin case is available in the following sizes:

1)The largesize of this CR tin case is 114mm x 74mm x16.5mm. It'san ideal CR tincase designed for king-size pre-rolled joints. 0.5g/98mm and3/4g/84mm pre-rolled joints

2) The medium size of this CR tin case is 80mm x 50mm x 16.5mm. This size is ideally suited for regular pre-rolled joints.Thiscan be used for minipre-rolled joints

Cardboardpaperdivider insert options

1)In case you are a greener, you can use a cardboard divider, which will keep the pre-rolled joints separate from each other. Additionally, the cardboard paper is printable, so you can put your brand on it, thus strengthening your brand effect. Alternatively, the cardboard can be designed to show anything you like, for example, hybrids, sativas, or indicas, making it easy for consumers to choose.

2) PVC inserts are an excellent choice for cost-effective inserts. PVC inserts are machine-made, so they are cheaper than paper or cardboard inserts, and the pre-rolled joints can be kept separate from one another, but they cannot be printed. PVC inserts are also durable and waterproof, making them an ideal choice for outdoor applications. They can also be easily shaped into custom designs, making them a great choice for complex projects.

Child resistant mechanisms:

The pre-rolled tin container is designed with a child-resistant mechanism, so people can press the two sides with a little bit of force, and then slide it out.This prevents children from opening the container and accessing the pre-rolled joints. The design also makes it easy for adults to access the contents quickly and without hassle.


Please contact us for more details! We always welcome your sample order, you can get the samples for free.

CR Pre rolls slide tin (2)CR Pre rolls slide tin (4)CR Pre rolls slide tin (3)CR Pre rolls slide tin (1)




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