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Childproof Vape Pen Packaging Boxes

Our slide packaging box designed to be safe for children can be tailored to fit different sizes of disposable vap pens.
Both the outer and inner boxes can be personalized for printing purposes.
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Childproof Vape Pen Packaging Boxes

Outer and inner boxes areavailable for customization.The box templates will provide you with the size of your pod vape pen.You canupload your graphic design to our template.We will then prepare production of your custom box design. You will receive your customized box within 2-3 weeks.

Our disposable vape pen sliding boxes can be customized to accommodate different sizes of disposable pod vape pen.Our custom boxes are lightweight and durable, perfect for your business. We guarantee a high-quality finish to make sure your design stands out. You can trust that our boxes will provide protection and security for your products.

We have tested our boxes through rigorous quality control protocols. Our boxes are also 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. All of our child resistant boxes arecertifiedforUS 16 CFR 1700.20.

The most common colors for foam inserts are white and black, as well as other custom colors.You canlikewiseuseapaper insert insteadof a foaminsert.Printing can also be applied to insert papers to customize your product packaging.

Childproof Vape Pen Packaging Boxes are the perfect solution for storing and transporting vape pens and cartridges.Our packaging boxes are tailored to meet the specific needs of the vaping industry with the utmost care and consideration.

Our Childproof Vape Pen Packaging Boxes are made with high-quality materials for durability and protection.A childproof mechanism in these boxesensures youngchildren cannot access thecontents.

The childproof packaging boxes for vape pens that we offer are user-friendly.Easy-to-open and close mechanisms make it easy to access your vape pens and cartridges whenever you need them.These boxes are also travel-friendly due to their compact size, making them convenient to carry with you.

In particular, we recognize the importance of safety when using vaping products around children.For this reason, our Childproof Vape Pen Packaging Boxes undergo rigorous testing to ensure their safety.You can rest assured that your vape pens and cartridges will be well protected and out of reach of curious children.

With our Childproof Vape Pen Packaging Boxes, you can be assured your vape pens and cartridges are safe, secure, and protected.With their professional design and user-friendly features, these packaging boxes areessentialsfor any vape enthusiast or business owner

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