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2G Full Spectrum Disposable Vape Pen Packaging

Disposable vape pen box with rectangular structure
Child resistant packaging of recyclable and environmentally friendly materials
Convertible inner trays of different materials
Rigid outer box to protect vape pen
Allow to customized different box size
  • CR006S
  • Yark
  • 001

Custom rectangle childproof packaging for disposable vape pen packaging

This style packaging can use for different vape products, CBD cartridges, disposable vape pen, full glass cartridge, 510 battery etc. 

A child safety button for locking the vape package, secure the inner and outer box to your product, while choosing different buttons, silicone, plastic or paper button

We can cut out a window on the front of vape pen packaging which show your products, Window with PVC film

Child-resistant packaging is a good option for CBD vape cartridges

The sliding box meets CR 1700.20 childproof requirements, adults can easily take off the tray from the enclosure, making it a childproof yet senior-friendly disposable vape packaging option.

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