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Flat Closed Magnetic Disposable Vape Packaging

If your single-use vaporizer comes in this high-quality, hard, handcrafted box, it is a premium solution for high-end brands seeking a childproof option. It will look and feel more premium, as well as offering comprehensive customization options.
  • CR001S

  • Yark

  • 001

Flat Closed Magnetic Disposable Vape Packaging

Disposable cartridge box with child safety lock:

First of all, all of Yark's vape cartridge packaging has a child lock mechanism, which meets the test requirements of CR1700.20 child lock to avoid misuse by minors.

With a stylish and professional look, the Slide vape box is the latest in cannabis packaging. The rectangular shape with the hang tag makes this box ideal for displaying on shelves or hanging on walls. You can choose between EVA foam inserts for a sturdy feel or recycled cardboard inserts for a more secure packaging option.

Optimizing vape cartridge packaging can bring more attention to your product and make it easier for customers to make a choice, therefore, Yark packaging company provides a full range of collection and information for your product, whether it is disposable vape, cbd vape battery, CBD Cartridge, vape pod starter kit, we can meet your requirements.

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