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Taste E-cig Vape Battery

A portable vape device with adjustable voltage that can be preheated, suitable for 510 atomizer, can accurately find the taste you need


What is the taste of electronic cigarettes

 I believe that many people and friends, the initial contact with e-cigarettes is to quit smoking. They are nauseous and nauseous when they get up in the morning and brush their teeth. There is no way to smoke real cigarettes. This is why they want to smoke e-cigarettes. To quit smoking, but after playing for more than two years, I slowly discovered that the idea of “quitting smoking” through e-cigarettes is indeed a misunderstanding, because e-cigarettes themselves have no smoking cessation function. Perhaps some friends use it. E-cigarettes really quit smoking, but I think most of the credit lies in the personal mind and will, and the topic is a bit farther away, returning to the "taste aspect".

 In fact, I just figured out what “taste” is almost a year ago. I used to hear a friend who opened a physical store say: “This smoke oil tastes good, and the atomizer tastes violent” because at that time Laosuowan had a big finished core. Smoke, so I don’t know what the taste is. At that time, Seiko Gobang was very hot. It was said that the taste was more violent and the degree of smoke oil reduction was relatively high. At that time, Lao Suo decided to start playing "Taste", so he resolutely bought Seiko Gomoku (I have lost it). I bought back gomoku and studied it for half a month. I finally figured out the meaning of "taste". I divided it into the following two points:

 One: The so-called good taste of the atomizer means that the smoke atomized by the atomizer can maximize the original flavor of the smoke oil, and the smoke oil manufacturers make a kind of smoke oil that can be well atomized. It is not turbid, and can meet the needs of the player's mouth and throat.

 Two: The good taste of e-liquid is actually the taste of e-liquid. The smoothness of the smoke, but the taste of the e-liquid is really difficult to define. Everyone has different tastes. The same e-liquid, let 10 Individuals can definitely get 10 answers. The following are the equipment I often use


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