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Vape E-cigarettes Palm Battery

A portable vape device with adjustable voltage that can be preheated, suitable for 510 atomizer, can accurately find the taste you need


Suggestions for smokers to switch to e-cigarettes


  First of all, we must understand what it is, and know our expectations.

  At the beginning, you should understand that e-cigarettes are not cigarette rolls, and they cannot be lit without tobacco. This is a kind of atomization device that atomizes the e-cigarette oil (with or without nicotine) through heating wire and atomizing cotton, and then inhales it into the lungs, which has the effect of smoking. The basic composition of the e-liquid usually has 5 Species:

◆ A part of PG (Propylene Glycol) is mainly used to generate steam and deliver nicotine and fragrance.

◆ A part of VG (vegetable glycerin) mainly increases the density of the steam produced (makes the steam thicker and whiter), while also delivering nicotine and fragrance.

◆ A little food grade flavor (artificial or natural) is used to impart various flavors to the smoke liquid.

◆ Water

◆ Alcohol

  For old smokers with addiction, e-cigarettes are a good way to reduce health risks, which is very important. Compared with traditional cigarettes, the significance is more obvious. In France, about 73,000 people die every year due to smoking. According to the Bercy report, the annual revenue of tobacco companies is 47 billion euros (including 14 billion taxes).

  The above-mentioned spice additives have passed the food and drug level identification for a long time, can be used in the food and drug industry, and their health is well known. Although it has been proved by some well-known research institutes to contain slight toxicological properties due to its small component (nicotine), and more relevant scientific evidence is urgently needed as theoretical support, it is important to know that inhalation does not mean ingestion, and nicotine in pharmacies The alternatives have many similarities.

 On the one hand, some research reports (experimental reports) pointed out that e-cigarette vapor contains very small amounts of nitrosamines, formaldehyde and acrolein, which makes e-cigarettes controversial. But on the contrary, another positive aspect is that many formal health institutions have accepted electronic cigarettes. It should be pointed out that the e-cigarette smoke oil atomization process does not contain the carbon monoxide and tar of traditional cigarettes, which avoids a large part of health hazards.

About Our Vape Kit


Q: What's the MOQ?

A: MOQ is 10pcs for neutral battery order, 100pcs for neutral cartridge order, 1000pcs for OEM order.


Q: What's the delivery time?

A: 1-3 working days for sample order, 5-7 working days for bulk order and 7-10 working days for OEM order.


Q: What's the cooperation delivery?

A: DHL, Fedex, Ups and so on.


Q: What's the warranty?

A: 3 months for cartridge, 6 months for battery.


Q: What's your extra service? And do you have after sales service?

A: Yes, we'll reply within 6h(usually much faster) The extra service is free design custom logo/packaging as per your needs.


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Child Resistant Packaging

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