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E-cigarettes palm Vape

A portable vape device with adjustable voltage that can be preheated, suitable for 510 atomizer, can accurately find the taste you need


Suggestions for smokers to switch to e-cigarettes

  Don't stop smoking cigarettes at all at the beginning

  This is for individuals to quit smoking. Know that quitting smoking is very painful, as tense and depressing as in hell. Don't force yourself to completely smoke e-cigarettes without touching ordinary cigarettes. The initial process of quitting smoking is always full of disappointments, but don’t give up e-cigarettes just because they have only played a 70% replacement role. On the contrary, this shows that e-cigarettes have already played an obvious role in your way to quit smoking.

  The author spent several months slowly reducing the amount of smoking, and finally gave up cigarettes completely and only used electronic cigarettes. This process needs to happen naturally. For example, I only smoked one cigarette today, but it was effective compared to yesterday. You can try this method, and it will be effective after some time.

About Our Vape Kit


Q: What's the MOQ?

A: MOQ is 10pcs for neutral battery order, 100pcs for neutral cartridge order, 1000pcs for OEM order.


Q: What's the delivery time?

A: 1-3 working days for sample order, 5-7 working days for bulk order and 7-10 working days for OEM order.


Q: What's the cooperation delivery?

A: DHL, Fedex, Ups and so on.


Q: What's the warranty?

A: 3 months for cartridge, 6 months for battery.


Q: What's your extra service? And do you have after sales service?

A: Yes, we'll reply within 6h(usually much faster) The extra service is free design custom logo/packaging as per your needs.


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