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Box Battery For CBD Cartridge

CMB5 Palm CBD Battery is a beautiful CBD box battery ,adjusted voltages are suitable for multiple CBD and THC oil , bring you a crazy vaping experience .


Here is a new exquisite eciagertte CBD battery for CBD atomizer , called CMB5 CBD ecig battery .  

CMB5 vape battery has two version of 650mAh and 900mAh .  900mAh CBD battery can last 3 days at full capacity . Compared with the traditional 350mAh battery that get you to be charged 2 or 3 times one day ,  it reaches you a long continuation of the vaping journey .

Beyond that , the big advantage of CMB5 CBD battery is that it can be preheated and adjusted in 4 settings of voltages (3.0v / 3.3V / 3.6V/3.9V) , more low voltages for custom is available also , which is more suiltable for your CBD and THC oil .  

Otherwise , the price of such a perfect vape battery is competitive also .

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The different between CBD ecig and traditional nicotine ecig ? 

CBD ecigarette refers to the vaporization and inhalation of CBD ecig oil through an CBD cart device. The general CBD cartridge is mainly composed of a battery and a small oil canister. The battery is powered by a button or screw , and power the heating wire  , then drive the atomizer to evaporate to produce a smoke effect .

The basic principle of CBD e-cigarette and traditional nicotine e-cigarette is the same, the difference is that the effect of vaping . Nicotine eliquid is not good for the health of smokers , but CBD oil does not contain nicotine and is known as an excellent way to quit smoking abroad in some areas .


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