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Amount of Big smoke 510 vape

A portable vape device with adjustable voltage that can be preheated, suitable for 510 atomizer, can accurately find the taste you need


What are the factors that affect the size of e-cigarette smoke?

The size of smoke has always been an important indicator for evaluating electronic cigarettes. There are many factors that affect the size of e-cigarette smoke, not just the smoke liquid.

1. The ratio of PG/VG in the smoke liquid: I have to say that the smoke liquid is indeed an important factor affecting the size of the smoke. (Note: PG refers to propylene glycol, and glycerin refers to VG) High VG smoke will increase.

2. Battery voltage: When the current and resistance remain the same, the greater the voltage, the greater the amount of smoke. Voltage-regulating electronic cigarettes exploded in 2013, with digital display and current display.

3. The resistance value of the atomization core: when the current and voltage are unchanged, the lower the resistance value, the greater the amount of smoke. The conventional electronic cigarette is 1.6-2.5Ω. There are relatively few people who use 3.0Ω. Due to the high resistance, the amount of smoke is small, and it is not enough to smoke. With the increase in skills and demand, the resistance can get lower and lower. Actually achieved a few tenths of an ohm. Can play with big smoke, take a breath and exhale, the steam envelops people's heads.

4. Current: The amount of smoke is also related to the current. When the voltage is constant and the resistance is constant, the greater the current, the greater the amount of smoke.

5. Vital capacity of e-cigarette smokers: the difference is not very obvious. Smoking high-power e-cigarettes has a lot to do with a person’s vital capacity. A person with a large lung capacity takes a breath and the steam rolls; a person with a small lung capacity takes a breath and a little steam.

6. Airflow: Under certain circumstances, the airflow is large, and the smoke is also large. Before 2014, the e-cigarette industry did not have the concept of airflow. You only need to breathe in without holding your breath. In 2014, let people know the concept of airflow.

So we have developed amount of big smoke adjustable voltage vape.


Q: What's the MOQ?

A: MOQ is 10pcs for neutral battery order, 100pcs for neutral cartridge order, 1000pcs for OEM order.


Q: What's the delivery time?

A: 1-3 working days for sample order, 5-7 working days for bulk order and 7-10 working days for OEM order.


Q: What's the cooperation delivery?

A: DHL, Fedex, Ups and so on.


Q: What's the warranty?

A: 3 months for cartridge, 6 months for battery.


Q: What's your extra service? And do you have after sales service?

A: Yes, we'll reply within 6h(usually much faster) The extra service is free design custom logo/packaging as per your needs.


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