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CBD palm battery

Are you tired of constantly charging for your vape battery when vaping? CMB5 maybe solve your problem. This portable palm 510 vape battery has a 900mah big capacity that can last 3 days after a full charging.


The specification of this 510 vape mod battery

▪ Aluminum & Zinc Alloy Housing

▪ Power switch/ Ignition start/Voltage regulation/Preheating

▪ Mini Pocket Body with Child Lock Switch Power

▪ Anti-Break Transparent Cartridge Housing

▪ 3.0V / 3.3V / 3.6V / Full power Adjusted Voltage gets the perfect taste 

▪ Preheating Function Time– 10S

▪ 900mAh A Grade battery Core to generate 800puffs + after every charging

▪ Connector Built-in 510 Thread cartridges (≤10.8mm)

▪ Working with ≥0.8Ω Cartridges

▪ Dual ignition system-manual button; air flow control

▪ Rechargeable Micro USB Type-C port

▪ Quality Circuit Board with Multi-Protection

▪ Supports simultaneous charging and working

▪ MOQ is 10pcs for neutral battery order

How to operate this CMB5 510 vape mod battery?

Power on/off:

5 quick clicks on the main button to turn on/off

Ignition start 

The operation after installing the cartridge:

(1) Direct suction (air flow control mode)

(2) Long press the main button once (manual mode)

Main button: 2 quick clicks to warm-up

Voltage adjustment:
Main button: 3 times to quickly adjust the voltage

Small button: 1 click to adjust the voltage

LED Indicator
Battery Reminder Red light (20%); blue light (20%-60%); green light (60%)
Switch Power On/off When opening and closing, the indicator light flashes 3 times
Output Voltage Green light (3V); Blue light (3.3V); Yellow light (3.6V); Red light (full power output)
Preheating Voltage Green light (1.8V), after 10 seconds, the output stops and the indicator light goes out
Smoking Overtime 10 seconds smoking timeout protection. stop output voltage and indicator light flashes 3 times
Short Circuit Protection When the output is short-circuited, stop output voltage and the red light will flash 3 times
Low Voltage Protection 3.2V low voltage protection, red light flashes 10 times
Cartridge Connection The atomizer has been successfully connected, and the white light turns on once
Charging Charging: the green light turns on and off gradually
Full: turn off the lights


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