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Cbd Vape Palm Battery 510

​CMB5 battery is a 900mah big capapcity vape battery designed for 510 thread cartridges (prefilled or refillable). The vape cart of your choice will be screwed into the magnetic adapter, then dropped into the CMB5. This Mod battery has a visible window to make you know the rest level of your oil at any time. In terms of texture, it uses a High-grade aluminum brushed to perfection as if it is being used to travel into outer space. The biggest highlight of CMB5 is the big capacity-900mah. It makes the battery last 3 days at full capacity. Compared with other similar mod battery in the market, CMB5 has bigger capacity but with more competitive price.


Cbd Vape Palm Battery 510

CMB5 Vape battery 510 is usually palm shape and size designed to work with 510 thread cartridges for oil, e-liquid or concentrate. Those vapes carry from 650mAh to 900mAh and more of power. These battery units are equipped with the industry-standard, universal 510 thread to be assembled with the same thread carts, tanks, and atomizers. Overall, we recommend this product as an economical option that you can buy for vacations or traveling in general. It’s a great option that provides decent temperature options and powerful hits with such a compact design. You can easily hide this palm battery in a small bag, in your pocket or purse while traveling.

Dimension61mm(L)*34mm(W)*14mm(H)  FeaturesMinimalist, Large 900mAh Capacity, Adjustable Voltage,Preheat
Battery Capacity650mah or 900mah      Class A lithium batteryOil volume observationObservation window for remaining oil (Drop protection)
Surface TechnologyAnodized (color can be selected)Charging FunctionYES (Supports simultaneous charging and working)
Net Weight41g±2gPower off/on5 quick clicks
Variable Voltage3.0V / 3.3V / 3.6V / 4.0VCharging Port Type-C wire cable
Preheat10 SecondsFully Charged TimeAbout 1 Hour
Battery remaining red: ≤20%, blue 20%-60%   green 60%Preheating Voltage1.8V
Suitable forALL≧ 18Cartridge ConnectorBuilt-in 510 thread
Output Voltage3V-4VCartridge Resistance>0.8Ω
LED Indicator650mah or 900mah      Class A lithium batterySupport Cartridge DiameterUp to D10.8mm

What Does 510 Thread Mean?

If you think about it 510 almost sounds like 710 which is a popular term for “OIL” upside down. But the origin of the term 510 actually has nothing to do with 710, its just a coincidence. You might be asking yourself, “why was it named 510 thread?”. The term “510” was used for vape pen batteries and cartridges because most of the connectors are 5 MM in diameter and have 10 screw threads. This allows for a tight connection and one that will last a long time. 510 thread vape pens are among the best in the industry because of their ability to work with so many kinds of carts and batteries interchangeably.

A: What is the physical life of your 510 battery?

Q: 1) Because we are Class A lithium batteries, their service life can reach two to three years. And the number of cycles of charge and discharge can be reach 300-500 times.2) Maybe you think this data looks small, But the quality of the lithium battery we use is the same as the lithium battery of your mobile phone. The actual time depends on how you use it. You could refer to the lithium battery in the mobile phone.A: I want to know the working time of this 510 battery?Q: 1) Because in the vape industry, laboratory data is usually used for measurement as a standard. But in order to be more in line with normal consumer habits, we personally use the time for testing.

2) In the fully charged state, using the full-power output, the 900mah version of the 510 battery can last about 3 days of battery life, and the 650mah version of the 510 battery can last about 2 days of battery life.

A: What is the function of your 510 battery?

Q: We have Power switch child lock function, two ignition start modes, power adjustment, preheating function, USB Type-C (supports simultaneous charging and working) , circuit protection function, remaining oil view window, etc.


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