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510 Palm Mod Battery

It’s 510 battery fits for most popular vape cartridges in market, it’s a minimalist handheld portable cbd battery mod. Support Vaping while charging, This is a great design battery mod with built-in LED indicator to indicate the battery power levels, different button light indicator colors stand for different working voltage of 3.0V/3.3V/3.6V/4.0V. it can preheat your thick oil with 10s, you can put your logo on the battery body, What’s more, the battery is A grade and capacity is full of 900mAh, so it’s the most powerful battery in market to run any cartridges


510 palm mod battery

The CMB5palm mod batery is a discreet battery for your 510 threaded cartridges! Featuring a 650mAh/ 900mAh Battery, 3.5v consistent outpu; the CMB5 is sure to be your new favorite battery mod! Only one button to press, simply inhale and the autodraw battery hits like a champ! This simple to use battery is a very compact and stylish design, perfect for daily use or on the go sessions.

Fits nearly all 510 thread Cartridges!

Oil Cartridges can vary in size, and many units are unable to fit the larger, oversized cartridges. The CMB5's large Cartridge hole is large enough to fit nearly all oil cartridges on the market!

What’s Included:

CMB5 Mod Battery

Micro USB Charging Cable

User Manual

How to operate this CMB5 510 vape mod battery?

Power on/off:

5 quick clicks on the main button to turn on/off

Ignition start 

The operation after installing the cartridge:

(1) Direct suction (air flow control mode)

(2) Long press the main button once (manual mode)

Main button: 2 quick clicks to warm-up

Voltage adjustment:
Main button: 3 times to quickly adjust the voltage

Small button: 1 click to adjust the voltage

LED Indicator
Battery ReminderRed light (≦20%); blue light (20%-60%); green light (≧60%)
Switch Power On/offWhen opening and closing, the indicator light flashes 3 times
Output VoltageGreen light (3V); Blue light (3.3V); Yellow light (3.6V); Red light (full power output)
Preheating VoltageGreen light (1.8V), after 10 seconds, the output stops and the indicator light goes out
Smoking Overtime10 seconds smoking timeout protection. stop output voltage and indicator light flashes 3 times
Short Circuit ProtectionWhen the output is short-circuited, stop output voltage and the red light will flash 3 times
Low Voltage Protection3.2V low voltage protection, red light flashes 10 times
Cartridge ConnectionThe atomizer has been successfully connected, and the white light turns on once
ChargingCharging: the green light turns on and off gradually
Full: turn off the lights

What can you experience with this battery

1If you're tired of constantly recharging your battery, this built-in 900mAh CBD battery can greatly reduce the number of recharging sessions. It lasts 2-3 days after a full charge

2This is a hand-held, portable CBD battery that fits in your pocket

3This is a battery with 4 levels of adjustable voltage, you can use different voltages to bring out your favorite taste

4) If you have thick rich high concentrated quality oil, this vape battery features preheating function to allow the oil to flow more smoothly, better taste

5) If you are worried that your glass vape cartridge will be broken by accident, this battery has a protective house to protect your vape cartridge very well


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