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510 Battery Variable Voltage

900mAh Portable Cbd Battery Mod,510-thread compatible, 4 level variable voltages with preheat setting


510 battery variable voltage

It’s 510 battery fits for most popular vape cartridges in market, it’s a minimalist handheld portable cbd battery mod. Support Vaping while charging, This is a great design battery mod with built-in LED indicator to indicate the battery power levels, different button light indicator colors stand for different working voltage of 3.0V/3.3V/3.6V/4.0V. it can preheat your thick oil with 10s, you can put your logo on the battery body, What’s more, the battery is A grade and capacity is full of 900mAh, so it’s the most powerful battery in market to run any cartridges


Specs & Features:

Material: Aluminium

logo printing: welcomed

Battery Capacity: 900 mAh

Dimension: 61×34×14(mm)

Color: Black and custom color

Preheating Voltage: 1.8V

Variable Voltage under LED Indicator: Green=3.0V  Blue=3.3V  Yellow=3.6V  Red: full power output

Rechargeable: type C Charging Port

Circuit Board: Multiple Protection

Activated by: By Pressing Button

Thread: 510 screw


A: Can I buy the 510 battery samples for testing?

Q: Welcome,and we support sample service for you to test the function, appearance and quality of our products.

A: How is the quality of your 510 battery?

Q: Before leaving the factory, we will conduct all tests and quality checks to achieve a perfect state. And use high-quality logistics services to ensure its safe delivery to your hands.

A: How is the quality of your lithium battery?

Q:1) For the safety of users, we choose the highest grade A lithium battery to ensure that there is no safety hazard, accurate capacity, and long service life high quality lithium battery.

2) And use professional instruments for pressure testing before production

A: What is the physical life of your 510 battery?

Q: 1) Because we are Class A lithium batteries, their service life can reach two to three years. And the number of cycles of charge and discharge can be reach 300-500 times.2) Maybe you think this data looks small, But the quality of the lithium battery we use is the same as the lithium battery of your mobile phone. The actual time depends on how you use it. You could refer to the lithium battery in the mobile phone.A: I want to know the working time of this 510 battery?Q: 1) Because in the vape industry, laboratory data is usually used for measurement as a standard. But in order to be more in line with normal consumer habits, we personally use the time for testing.

2) In the fully charged state, using the full-power output, the 900mah version of the 510 battery can last about 3 days of battery life, and the 650mah version of the 510 battery can last about 2 days of battery life.

A: What is the function of your 510 battery?

Q: We have Power switch child lock function, two ignition start modes, power adjustment, preheating function, USB Type-C (supports simultaneous charging and working) , circuit protection function, remaining oil view window, etc.

A: How to connect my cartridge to this 510 battery?

Q: 1) We use the screw version, (directly use the cartridge's own 510 thread for installation, no other accessories.)

2) At the same time, We have another 510 battery product that uses 510 magnet connection. If you are interested, you could contact us directly for details.

A:Can we customize our own logo on the 510 battery ?

Q: We support customized services, such as the selection of battery capacity, ignition mode, surface treatment and color of the fuselage, logo laser engraving and silk screen printing, packaging customization, etc., to meet any of your requirements in one stop.


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