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280mAh Ceramic Coil Vape Pen Pod

This CBD pod vape CDP2 has the charging interface is designed at the bottom, which will not be a waste of CBD oil and can be used completely.


                                                        280mAh Ceramic Coil Vape Pen Pod

The characteristics of this CBD vape pen:

1. All materials of the pod meet FDA heavy metal standards

2. Open the diamond window to observe the oil quantity at any time

3. The micro usb charging port at the bottom 100% solves the problem of the battery is exhausted and not drawn.

4. A new generation of square ceramic atomizing core, no cotton structure, fast heat generation, more suitable for thick CBD/THC oil

5. No cotton heating wire, more pure taste.

                                                  POD VAPE Information

                      Model Number CDP2
                      Weight 19g
                      Size 98mm(L) *19mm(W)*9.5mm(H)
                      Body material Aluminum Alloy
                      Mouthpiece Plastic
                      Top Cover Disposable cover
                      Connector Snap
                      Battery capacity 280mah Class A lithium battery
                      Charging time Approx 0.5 hour, fast charging
                      Charge port Micro USB charge port
                      Vaping mode Airflow mode
                      Oil injection method Top oil filling
                      Charge voltage/current 5V/1A
                      Heating element Bowl-shaped ceramic heating core
                      Resistance 1.4±0.1ohm


Q: Can I buy the POD VAPE samples for testing?

A: Welcome, and we support sample service for you to test the function, appearance and quality of our products.

Q: How is the quality of your POD VAPE?

A: Before leaving the factory, we will conduct all tests and quality checks to achieve a perfect state. And use high-quality logistics services to ensure its safe delivery to your hands.

Q: How is the quality of your lithium battery?

A:1) For the safety of users, we choose the highest grade A lithium battery to ensure that there is no safety hazard, accurate capacity, and long service life high quality lithium battery.    2) And use professional instruments for pressure testing before production.

Q: I want to know the working time of this pod vape?

A: In the fully charged state, normal use can support about 3 days.

Q: What is the function of your CBD pod vape?

A: This battery has top oil filling; disposable anti-opening; airflow vaping mode; Micro USB Charge; Circuit Protection Function, etc.

Q: Can we customize our own logo on the pod vape?

A: We support customized services, such as the selection of surface treatment and color of the fuselage, logo laser engraving and silk screen printing, packaging customization, etc., to meet any of your requirements in one stop.


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