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Popular Disposable Puff Vape

DP2 is a disposable vape with huge puffs , indulge in the multifarious flavors of vape device , featuring a larger 5 mL prefilled coil capacity, 50mg nicotine strength, and is crafted with a long lasting battery 1000mAh to last approximately 1500 puffs .


DP2 disposable vape Features :

1500 Puffs

5.0ml Eliquid Capacity

1000mAh battery capactity 

5% Nicotine salt Strength vape pen

Disposable Style e cigarette

Non-Refillable , Non-chargeable  disposable e cig

Muiltiple colors available , portable , Automatic-heating , no power button disposable e cigs

P.O.G. :  An exotic cocktail of sweet peach, tangy oranges and tropical guava crafted for a mouthwatering juice burst.

Mango :  A juicy burst of tropical Mangoes for a warm sunshine vape.

Grapefruit Guava :  A tart grapefruit explosion with an exotic Guava taste to round it off perfectly.

Peach ICE :  White summer peaches combined with a chilled menthol blast, sweet and fresh.

Pink Lemonade :  An all time classic combination of zesty homemade lemonade with a sweet, tart raspberry hint, delicious ! 

Strawberry Lemonade :  A twist on the classic pink lemonade with a sweet, ripe strawberry blend with a fresh lemonade.

Cucumber Lime :  A complex flavour featuring cool fresh cucumber with a zesty lime finish.

Green Apple:  A firm favourite, crisp, tart green apples, squeezes for all their juicy goodness.

Watermelon ICE :  A cool rush of crisp watermelon finished with an icy menthol hit, refreshing to the max !

For more Flavour options , more Colors and Customized Packaging , please contact us .

Unknowingly , disposable vape device have swept the current e-cigarette market, and even had a great impact on mod e-cigarette products. This is entirely due to the portability and ease of use of pod products, and the better anti-addiction effect of nicotine salt technology. As a major type of disposable vape pen , disposable vape from Yarktech  have reached a new height in convenience and portability , and are deeply loved by users of cigarettes substitute .

Our Services :

How to Order:

· Tell us the model and quantity you need; Get Latest Quotation

· Confirm order details; Reach Trading Intention; Order PI will be sent

· Arrange payment; We will deliver the goods within 7-9 workdays after payment received

After-Sales Service:

· Choose the cheapest & safest shipping company and track the order until receipt

· Warranty provided: 6 months for battery, 3 months for atomizer from the shipping date .

· If any defect, a free replacement will be sent along with your next order

Payment & Shipment

1. Shipment methods: UPS,  DHL, FedEx, TNT, EMS, Air express, etc.

2. The delivery time is 7-9 workdays after the payment confirmed. 

3. It will take 5-7days for shipping (depending on the destination country).


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Child Resistant Packaging

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