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Nicotine Salts E Liquid Vape Pen

The disposable vape pen from Yarktech, offers a handy pre-filled flavor burst for an easy to use on the go taste explosion.
Coming as a single device per pack with a 5% Nic Salt, lasting for approximately 1000 puffs per pen. The device features a 650mAh intergrated battery and contains a 3.2ml of nic salts which come in a choice of a multitude of flavours to suit your taste.


Nicotine Salts E Liquid Vape Pen

About Nicotine Salts E Liquid Vape Pen's e-liquid

Nicotine salt e-liquid is complex, salt-based nicotine compounds are usually not volatile, so it can better tolerate e-juices with higher nicotine salt content. 

Remember that Nic Salt eJuice is usually different from traditional free nicotine-traditional nicotine is a common liquid you see in large vaping devices. In most cases, both types consist of the same nicotine found in natural tobacco leaves, with the exception of benzoic acid in nicotine salts. 

As a quick guide, benzoic acid can lower the pH and lower the alkalinity so that it can be atomized more smoothly at higher nicotine concentrations-optimized for low-power devices such as pod systems and certain atomizing pens.

So our Yarktech developed a disposable vape pen for this Nicotine Salts E Liquid, and it is pre-filled with flavor E Liquid. You could easily use it on the go and enjoy the fun it brings to you.

Simply choose flavours

Description of some flavors

Mango: A juicy burst of tropical Mangoes for a warm sunshine vape.

Watermelon ICE: A cool rush of crisp watermelon finished with an icy menthol hit, refreshing to the max!

Peach ICE: White summer peaches combined with a chilled menthol blast, sweet and fresh.

Grapefruit Guava: A tart grapefruit explosion with an exotic Guava taste to round it off perfectly.

Pink Lemonade: An all time classic combination of zesty homemade lemonade with a sweet, tart raspberry hint, delicious!

Strawberry Lemonade: A twist on the classic pink lemonade with a sweet, ripe strawberry blend with a fresh lemonade.

Strawberry Banana: A match made in heaven, of juicy ripe strawberries blended with perfectly ripe bananas.

Strawberry Cream: A winning combination of classic ripe summer strawberries and lashings of fresh rich cream for a sweet summer treat.

P.O.G.: An exotic cocktail of sweet peach, tangy oranges and tropical guava crafted for a mouthwatering juice burst.

Green Apple: A firm favourite, crisp, tart green apples, squeezes for all their juicy goodness.

Cucumber Lime: A complex flavour featuring cool fresh cucumber with a zesty lime finish.

Melons: All the sweet, fragrant flavour of perfectly ripe melon for an ultimate melon burst.

Mint: Razz: A classic sweet, tart raspberry blend, with a perfectly cool menthol hit.

Berry: An old school berry medley, brimming with perfectly ripe soft fruits for a rich, sweet juicy blend.

Grape: Bright, dewy grapes bursting with sweet fresh juice for a classic all grape flavour.

What we can customize

1. Composition of taste: fruit, dessert, mixed, etc.

2. Paint: Gradient paint, Pantone solid color, skin-like touch paint, spray paint, stickers, screen printing, laser engraving, etc.

3. E-liquid: The concentration of nicotine in the smoke is 0% to 6%, the VG ratio of high concentration, the PG ratio of high concentration, sweetness, coolness, sourness, etc.

4. Paper card box:candy bag, show case box,display box, plastic box, tin case box, magnet sealing box and other customized packaging.

5. Parameters: individual battery capacity, vape diameter and length, etc.


Q:Can I get my logo on the nic salt pen?

A:it’s very welcome, We would be grateful if you could provide Logo artwork


Q: Can I get custom flavor 

A:Yes, it can be customized, we have a large selection of flavors


Q: What's the cooperation delivery?

A: DHL, Fedex, Ups and so on .


Q: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

A:We are a manufacturer, we have more than 200 employees, to ensure the quality and price advantage of your purchased products



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