Vape Device Pod Battery Vape Device Pod Battery
Vape Device Pod Battery Vape Device Pod Battery
Vape Device Pod Battery Vape Device Pod Battery
Vape Device Pod Battery Vape Device Pod Battery

Vape Device Pod Battery


A portable pod vape device with pod system that can be Manual & automatic mode, suitable for POD atomizer,550mah USB charging e-cig battery can accurately find the taste you need

Product Description

E-cig Vape smoke has an itchy throat and cough. There are several reasons for this phenomenon

⒈ Caused by problems in the production of the atomization core. Sometimes a slight oil conduction or uneven heating can cause smoke to irritate the throat. Since the sticking phenomenon is not obvious, it is easy to be ignored by users and think that it is irritation caused by equipment or e-liquid. This situation can be solved by observing whether the cotton has scorch marks, or by observing the heating state of the coil after removing the cotton, and remaking the atomization core.

⒉  "Allergy" to smoke oil. Although the ingredients of e-liquid are common in daily life, some people are allergic to the PG "propylene glycol" in e-liquid. After inhaling, they will have cough, sore throat and other allergic reactions. After stopping use, the symptoms will gradually relieve until disappear . If you are allergic to PG, you can replace the e-liquid with less or no PG to solve it.

In addition to PG, certain flavors or additives of e-liquid can also cause allergies to individual users. If this is the case, you can replace e-liquid with other brands or flavors.

Therefore, everyone should use e-cigarettes reasonably and not abuse them. If the body has severe symptoms such as allergies, seek medical attention as soon as possible to find out the cause and avoid delaying treatment.

So we have developed a revolutionary portable pod vape devices

And we have developed two kinds of POD, one is CBD tank and the other is E liquid tank to meet your different needs.

And has a safe to use circuit plan board, large battery and USB fast charging technology.



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