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Slim Pod System Vape

A portable pod vape device with pod system that can be Manual & automatic mode, suitable for POD atomizer,550mah USB charging e-cig battery can accurately find the taste you need


What are the benefits of e-cigarettes

Changes in life after quitting smoking

If you choose to quit smoking, you will choose to say goodbye to coughing and asthma, soot smell, dirty air, skin aging, disease trouble... Let us see what changes have taken place in your life after you quit smoking: blood oxygenation returns to normal after 8 hours, The risk of myocardial infarction begins to decrease;

After 24 hours, the breath is fresh, the lungs begin to excrete mucus and tar, and the risk of respiratory infections, bronchitis and pneumonia begins to decrease; after 48 hours, nicotine is no longer detected in the blood; after 1 week, the taste and smell are improved; 3-9 months Respiration is improved (cough and asthma are reduced), lung function is increased by 5%-10%;

After 1 year, the risk of heart disease (such as myocardial infarction) is halved; after 5 years, the risk of stroke, oral cancer, esophageal cancer, and bladder cancer is halved; after 10 years, the risk of lung cancer is halved, and the risk of cerebrovascular emergencies ( The risk of brain "stroke" is the same as that of non-smokers... So if you choose to quit smoking, you choose a healthy and fresh life.

"The probability that smoking is life-threatening is 50%, and quitting smoking equals self-help." This is the warning and appeal issued by the French National Committee for Smoking Cessation and the Office of Tobacco Prevention to all smokers at the 30th French Medical Salon held in Paris.

So we have developed a revolutionary portable pod vape devices

And we have developed two kinds of POD, one is CBD tank and the other is E liquid tank to meet your different needs.

And has a safe to use circuit plan board, large battery and USB fast charging technology.


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Child Resistant Packaging

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