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Pod System Mini Vape

A portable pod vape device with pod system that can be Manual & automatic mode, suitable for POD atomizer,550mah USB charging e-cig battery can accurately find the taste you need


[Beginner must read] Common sense of electronic cigarettes vape that newcomers must know

Definition of  E-Cigarette (VAPE)

1. The concept of electronic cigarettes(VAPE)

E-cigarette is an electronic product that turns nicotine-containing e-liquid into steam by means such as atomization.

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Q: Is electronic cigarette a cigarette?

A: The e-cigarette smokes e-liquid, and exhales mist. Except for the possibility of nicotine, it is a completely different category from cigarettes.

2. The structure of electronic cigarettes

The mainstream electronic cigarettes are mainly composed of three parts: the smoke tube (also called the atomizer, the atomization chamber, and the bomb) that contains the smoke oil, the evaporation device and the battery.

So we have developed healthy and safe.a portable pod vape devices

Developed two kinds of POD, one is CBD tank and the other is E liquid tank to meet your different needs.

And has a safe to use circuit plan board, large battery and USB fast charging technology.


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Child Resistant Packaging

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