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Mini Pod System Vape

A portable pod vape device with pod system that can be Manual & automatic mode, suitable for POD atomizer,550mah USB charging e-cig battery can accurately find the taste you need


Is electronic cigarettes vape more harmful or cigarettes??

Everyone is familiar with the dangers of cigarettes. Smoking is harmful to health is marked on every pack of cigarettes.

The harm of cigarettes is mainly reflected in two points:

1. Nicotine (saline-alkali) released by tobacco burning will cause physiological dependence, which makes people who smoke regularly become addicted to cigarettes;

2. The mixed smoke produced by the burning of tobacco contains a lot of harmful substances such as tar. Tobacco smoke infects the lungs for a long time, which can easily lead to lung and respiratory tract diseases, and even induce malignant diseases such as lung cancer in severe cases.

Compared with real cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are less harmful. The principle of e-cigarette smoke generation is different from that of cigarettes. It does not require high-temperature burning of tobacco leaves, but uses electronic heating devices to evaporate e-liquid. Special e-cigarettes release a large amount of smoke when heated to simulate the effect of tobacco burning. Electronic cigarettes can provide users with a greater amount of smoke and more varied tastes, while only liquid e-liquid is consumed. The composition of the smoke oil is scientifically formulated, and it is harmless to health. It turns into smoke through an atomization device. There will be no residual particles in the lungs, no irritation to the lungs, and no second-hand smoke harm.

So we have developed healthy and safe.a portable pod vape devices

Developed two kinds of POD, one is CBD tank and the other is E liquid tank to meet your different needs.

And has a safe to use circuit plan board, large battery and USB fast charging technology.


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