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E-cigarettes Pod Vape Devices

A portable pod vape device with pod system that can be Manual & automatic mode, suitable for POD atomizer,550mah USB charging e-cig battery can accurately find the taste you need


What are the benefits of choosing e-liquid with low nicotine content ?

I don’t know if you have noticed a problem. After using e-cigarettes, the number of puffs is much more than before. It turned out that I would smoke for a while after smoking one, but now I personally feel that the number of puffs has indeed increased, so When choosing the concentration, try to choose a lower one! I don't think the concentration above 18mg should be touched.

1. The human body has different ways to absorb nicotine in acidic and alkaline environments. Nicotine is less addictive and harmful in alkaline environments.

However, when smoking and e-cigarettes, nicotine exists in an acidic environment, and it is not volatilized until the lungs have inhaled enough water vapor. This just avoids the cough caused by nicotine stimulation. At this time nicotine is absorbed from the alveoli. Because the alveolar absorption area is large, and the blood circulation can reach the brain in 10 seconds, it is highly addictive.

2. Inhalation of alkaline nicotine vapor can irritate the throat, trachea, and bronchi and cause coughing. Cough receivers are only found in the throat, trachea, and main bronchus. The small branches of the trachea and alveoli are gone. Nicotine inhalants, live tobacco leaves, dried tobacco leaves, and cigars are all of this type. People who can smoke cigars just taste it, and so do nicotine inhalers.

And there is an upper limit to the total amount of nicotine when smoking. Even if you keep smoking one by one when you are awake, you can only smoke 3 packs a day. If you don't sleep in the middle of the night, you may get 4-5 packs a day. But there is no upper limit for nicotine in e-cigarettes.

Nowadays, when many people choose the concentration, they like to convert the concentration with their usual smoking amount, but if you think about it carefully, e-cigarettes smoke more than real cigarettes. If you continue to do this, you can only increase your nicotine intake.

So we have developed a portable pod vape devices adapted to low nicotine content

And we have developed two kinds of POD, one is CBD tank and the other is E liquid tank to meet your different needs.

And has a safe to use circuit plan board, large battery and USB fast charging technology.


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