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Disposable Puff Vape Bar

Disposable puff bar with rechargeable battery, provide 2000 puffs to get more long smoking. 5ml capacity to pre-filled what your love flavor and enjoy vapor everyday


Disposable puff vape bar

CAPACITY: 5 ml / 2000+ Puffs

STRENGTH: 2%~5% / 20mg~50mg Salt Nic

BATTERY: 1000mAh / Auto-Draw


- Lush Ice

- Blueraz

- Cool-Mint

- Tobacco

- Strawberry

- Mango

- Lychee Ice

Flavors: Disposable puff vape bar can provide kinds flavors for options . According to your requirements,  enjoy an unparalleled experience in work and life. 

Capacity: Yark provides a variety of Disposable puff vape bar for electronic cigarettes. 600/850/1000/1500/2000/3000 puffs, etc., combined with the different needs of the product, Jacques continues to provide high-quality pure flavor disposable puff vape bar

Nicotine salt content: 2%~5% for Disposable puff vape bar. Therefore, it can be selected according to the laws and regulations of different countries to meet the nickel salt content

Q: There are the following tips for reference about how to reduce the oil leakage rate excluding the quality of the cart itself.
A:1.Cap the mouthpiece immediately after filling the oil (within 30s, the sooner the better), the reason is that closing the tip
can prevent air flow and ensure that there is no air pressure and no liquid flow in the tube, thereby reducing the oil leakage
2.Make sure that the tip is tightened. If it is not tightened enough, air will enter the tube and air pressure may cause oil
3.Store the cart upside down after filling.
4.Make sure that the thread on the bottom and the tip are covered with silicone caps.

Q: What’s the minimum of a customized order ?
A: We recommend starting from 2K, so that you can get a better starting price. If 2K is too much at the beginning, 1K is also
feasible .

Q: Can I get samples for testing before bulk order? How long does it take ?
A: It will take about 3 working days if it’s just a normal sample without logo. If you need to print your logo there, depending on
the complexity of the product, generally 7 working days.

Q: How about the time frame for a bulk order ?
A: Orders less than 5000 usually take 15-17 working days; orders of 5K -10K usually take 17-19 working days. The specific time
limit needs to be determined according to the complexity of the order.


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