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Safe Health Vape Device

Designed for thicker, more viscous oils, our ceramic tip disposable pens offer customers a modern yet easy-to-use solution. These disposable Vape pens feature 2.0mm holes and are ready to fill by simply unscrewing the distillate as well as the sauce and live resin top caps.


About the choice of e-cigarette flavors:

As you move on to your vape pen, you can try different flavors of e-liquid (sometimes called e-juice). There is endless service out there to try! From the usual flavors of tobacco to kiwi fruit, Red Bull, mint and even spices! The most common practice is to buy when combined,.

Dealers often sell you a variety of types so you can buy small test bottles to see if you enjoy the taste from your vape pen before ordering a large order. Another great thing about vape pens, is the fact that you can choose the strength of the nicotine in the liquid. Over time you can reduce this help to reduce your cravings on your terms.


Child Resistant Packaging


Child Resistant Packaging

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