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Disposable E-Cigarette Vape Bar

The device features a 1000mAh integrated battery and contains a 5.0ml nic salts which come in a choice of a multitude of flavour to suit your taste.



Puffs: 1500 puffs

Battery Capacity: 1000mAh

Tank Capacity:5.0ml


Coil Resistance:1.6-1.8Ω

Whether you’re always on the go who need a stick that’s easy to bring, travel with, and use anytime and anywhere, or you simply want a fun and hassle-free alternative to your regular cigarette that’s so delectable to the palate, the DP2 Disposable is the e-cigarette that you need. The DP2 Disposable is a high-quality, low-maintenance pod device that will, without a doubt, get you hooked!

Straight from the box, theDP2 Disposable is ready for your consumption. Its cartridge comes pre-filled with 5.0mL of e-juice available irresistibly delightful flavors, like strawberry kiwi, watermelon lime, and peach pear freeze, just to name a few! Do not be fooled by these fun zesty flavors, though. The DP2 Disposable e-juice contains 5% salt nicotine, giving you that satisfying draw and hit just like your normal cigarette stick would. With theDP2 Disposable, it’s delectable, refreshing, and intense, all at the same time!

As mentioned, the DP2 Disposable is a pod device that requires little to no maintenance. No need to charge as the built-in battery is all set for use, and no need to work hard to preserve the device, too. As it is disposable, upon finishing the e-juice, go ahead and just ditch and discard the DP2 Disposable pod device and open up a new one!

Flavor List

Cinamon  wiskey(Fire ball)

Banana cinamon

Blueberry raspberry (blue razz)

Lychee ice

Lemon tart

Fruit punch

Strawberry banana

Blueberry blackcurrant Blueberry ice

Vanilla custard White russian cream

Caribbean slush Grape blackcurrant

Guava ice

Orange creamsicle


Raspberry lemonade slushie

Honeydew cucumber

Melon ice

Blueberry cake


Yarktech introduces the Nicotine Disposable Vape which allows for 1500puffs of the amazing flavor experience. The device comes with a 5.0ml nicotine ( 50mg or 5% ). Various fruits have a refreshing taste, which can provide the perfect amount of calories for an irresistible all day vape!


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