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Disposable E-cigarette 1000 Puffs Bar

CDP2 Disposable e-cigarette 1000 Puffs Bar is a puff bar that allows you to choose different flavors. It is a flat cigarette holder with a more humane design.


1000 Puffs Bar provides you with a different vapor experience

Flavor: CDP2 Disposable e-cigarette 1000 Puffs Bar can provide most of flavors for options, The powerful smoke gives consumers a different experience and satisfaction

Capacity: Our puff bars are provide kinds of puffs. 850/1000/1500/2000/3000 puffs etc, Combining different needs to provide high-quality and pure taste disposable e-cigarette Puffs Bar

Nickel salt content:Disposable e-cigarette 1000 Puffs Bar with 2%~6% for chose. Therefore, it may be selected according to the laws and regulations of different countries to meet the nic salt content


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Child Resistant Packaging

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