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CBD Vape Starter Kit

Designed for thicker, more viscous oils, our ceramic tip disposable pens offer customers a modern yet easy-to-use solution. These disposable Vape pens feature 2.0mm holes and are ready to fill by simply unscrewing the distillate as well as the sauce and live resin top caps.


In appearance hardware

We use non-heavy metal ceramic materials and high temperature resistant glass, and use a special structure to make ceramic and CBD oil directly contact. We use ceramic coil heating elements, high temperature resistant glass shell tubes, high temperature resistant ceramic air tubes and cigarette holders, food grade high temperature resistant silicone oil seals, which should be able to work when the atomizer is running, and will not release harmful substances. When the atomizer is running, CBD smoke can bring pure natural taste and accurate effect.

The U-shaped oil inlet and adjustable oil suction heating core that have passed the negative pressure test can perfectly prevent oil leakage, squeeze out a drop of CBD oil and prevent the waste of expensive CBD oil.

Our disposable design reduces the possibility of mixing various CBD oils. Because it is a carrier of CBD like VG and PG (although there is no evidence that it is harmful to humans). One-time design is used to control the risk of oil-filled production links in commercial factories, because artificially adding carrier fluids containing unknown substances can endanger health (choosing a good CBD brand is very important). To prevent this, it was deliberately added twice after leaving the factory.

Our circuit board solutions are designed to prevent hidden safety hazards during charging and use through four safety protection solutions: short circuit protection/anti-discharge protection/over-discharge protection/over-voltage protection.

It can be charged via USB charging port, high performance and long life lithium battery, high quality sensitive air sensor and custom power LED indicator.

And it has passed the industry's most rigorous laboratory tests and obtained certification reports.

We are a professional manufacturer of e-cigarettes and can do one-stop shopping such as pre-filled oils, OEM e-cigarettes, custom packaging products, exports, complete industrial supply chain, so you can reduce your decision-making costs. Manufacturing and monitoring when purchasing electronic cigarette products. The whole process of product manufacturing. Professionals do professional work, we are responsible for the products, you are responsible for the brand, we can be trusted


Q: Is it possible to put a logo on the product?

A: Of course, we also offer custom packaging designs.

Q: What is cooperative delivery?

A: DHL, FedEx, Up, etc.

Q: Can I get a sample to check the quality?

A: Certainly, we can offer a small sample order for quality testing.

Q: How do I get a quote?

A: You could email the product details (size, material, design, logo, color). Any artwork would be greatly appreciated. Will reply soon.


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Child Resistant Packaging

Custom Packaging


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