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Rechargeable Vape CBD Pen

Designed for thicker, more viscous oils, our ceramic tip disposable pens offer customers a modern yet easy-to-use solution. These disposable Vape pens feature 2.0mm holes and are ready to fill by simply unscrewing the distillate as well as the sauce and live resin top caps.


The ceramic CBD Vape kit contains everything you need to enjoy high-quality CBD oil right out of the box.With industry-leading ceramic glass/steel cartridges and optimized temperature settings for CBD oil, CBD oil vapor pens are guaranteed to provide the best vaping experience.

Why is this important? Normal additive burn at higher temperatures and produce carcinogens when used in CBD oils, which damages the taste. But it's not this mod--it was designed from the ground up to be a reliable and dependable one for CBD oils. Never burn oil again! To use, fill your cartridge with your favorite e-juice and CBD oil, screw the connector ring into the cartridge, plug it in and then plug it in-very easy.

This all-in-one CBD Vape kit adheres to the quality and meticulous attention to detail of CBD's rich oils, combining an ultra-sophisticated look with a compact body and premium materials.The kits are state-of-the-art and combine state -of-the-art vape kits and technology with extreme ease of use.

Our team recognized that most vape pens or MODs tend to be tuned to higher temperatures than CBD oil requires.Normal e-liquids require higher temperatures to vaporize accurately and completely, but when CBD oils are exposed to the same temperatures, they burn to produce harmful carcinogens. To counter this, this CBD Ceramic Vape Kit is designed to work at temperatures that guarantee the best CBD vaping experience.


Q: Is it possible to put a logo on the product?

A:Yes, we also offer custom packaging designs.

Q: What is cooperative delivery?

A:DHL, FedEx, Up, etc.

Q: Can I get a sample to check the quality?

A:Certainly, we can offer a small sample order for quality testing.

Q: How do I get a quote?

A:You could email the product details (size, material, design, logo, color). Any artwork would be greatly appreciated. Will reply soon.


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