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Adjustable Airflow 650mAh Disposable Vape

This is a disposable e cigarette with an adjustable air ring at the bottom. You can adjust the size of the air holes through the bottom adjustment air ring to achieve different smoke volume and taste requirements


The is a disposable vape device with adjustable airflow , it’s a pre filled vape pen with 5ml (50%) of nic salt e-liquid, loading with larger capacity of 650mAh internal battery, each nic salt pen features up to 1000 + puffs, it's well controlled any time to get a lighter or richer taste by rotating the bottom adjustable air ring, you will be enjoying the vapor volume as you want


We are a manufacturer of e-cigarettes that is very welcome to your custom order by putting your brand name and custom flavors to the disposable e cigarette

Flavor is customizable that is enable to cater to the needs of your market or attract more user group with new custom nic salt flavors

Some highly liked flavors recommended

Mango Ice, Strawberry Passion Fruit, Lush Ice, Pineapple Lemonade, Cool Mint and Cola Ice, Bear Gummy, Lychee Ice, Strawberry kiwi, Orange Pineapple, Cherry Ice or other mix fruit


Product specifications

Larger internal battery – 650mAh

Adjustable Airflow – flavor taste and the vapor volume is adjustable

Nic salt content – 20mg (2%) or 30mg(3%) or 50mg (5%) or 60mg*6%) is customizable as per the market needs  

How to start smoking – draw activation

Puff – 1000+ puffs ( puff can be more by adding more e liquid )

E- juice capacity: 3.4ml


Can I get sample to test the disposable e cigarette before any possibility orders

Re: Yes, you are very welcome to order sample to test, please let us know what flavor do you wanna test and the nic salt content


Can I custom the flavors :

Re: Yes, we will be sending you a flavor list for your review, you might choose the flavor from the flavor list or let us know the flavor name that is beyond the list

Can I custom the nic salt content

Re: 2% (20mg) or 3%(30mg) or 5%(50mg) 6%(60mg) is neutral options, you are feel free to let us know for any new requirements


Can the flavor taste is adjustable?

Re: yes, vapor volume, sweet degree, coldness degree, PG or VG ratio and so on is adjustable


What’s the MOQ

Re: It’s better to start with 1,000 per flavor if this is possible


Can I put my logo on the disposable vape pen

Re: Yes, you are very welcome, we will be sending the vape pen template for you to put the logo on it, or you might send the vector logo to us, our graphic team will finish the work for you


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