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Childproof luxurious packaging boxes

Child-resistant soft touch packaging is a nicer packaging box to protect the children from the products.


It is difficult to define luxury, let alone create luxurious packaging boxes. First of all, luxurious packaging boxes are subjective-for you, pure luxury may be common for others. However, when we see the luxurious packaging boxes, we know it, don't we? In other words, what is the definition of a luxurious packaging boxes?

Therefore, in the field of professional packaging, Yarktech's theory is: the luxurious packaging boxes is a key to the activation of all the consumer’s senses, triggering a positive reaction in the consumer’s mind

We need to design luxurious packaging boxes to take into account the senses that can be stimulated by sound, vision, touch and smell. First, consider every sound made by your luxurious packaging boxes. Every voice provides you with an opportunity to perceive the value of luxurious packaging boxes design, and also an opportunity to raise awareness of your brand. Although designers of luxurious packaging boxes often ignore odors, a good scent can be used to create memorable olfactory signatures in consumer psychology, which is deep in memory. The same is true for touch. Tactile design functions can create clues for brand definition.

Features of CR004 Child resistant pre-rolled box

●CR release button located on backside of box leaving front clear for branding and messaging.

●Easy to use CR release mechanism

●Custom design


1.Can i design my brand logo on the box?

Yes, Logo is welcomed, packaging box will be printed as per your requirements.

2.Which surface finishing treatment is available?

Gold foil/ UV / Embossing/Gloss/Matt etc.

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Child Resistant Packaging


Child Resistant Packaging

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