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Modern simplicity Kraft gift box

Our child proof kraft box offers an impact resistant, anti-scratch, and stain-resistant housing Unlike the usual storage bins with lids, this container is highly durable and perfect for your product.


Kraft paper is more commonly used for food packaging, tea packaging, rice packaging, and even wine packaging have begun to use kraft paper. Kraft paper has high tensile strength, high strength, and usually yellowish brown. It is currently one of the most popular environmentally friendly packaging materials in the world.

Since 2012, kraft paper gift box packaging has gradually become popular, and more and more packages use kraft paper materials. The biggest highlight of the kraft paper gift box is environmental protection, and the unique wood pulp texture of the kraft paper itself is also a special vision, so the use of kraft paper gift box does not require excessive printing effects, and the modern and simple style is brought to the extreme.

Nowadays, many packaging designs minimize or eliminate some decorations with no practical value, so that the display surface looks magnificent but not monotonous. Kraft paper is the most widely used, which can be described as "high-end atmosphere and high-grade, low-key luxury and connotation."

Kraft paper is more widely used as tea packaging, because tea has a long history and culture, and kraft paper is suitable for retro, so it is used more. Whether as a gift box or as a simple box, the kraft paper gift box can show its characteristics.

Therefore, in order to better reflect the characteristics of kraft paper, we provide customized kraft paper gift boxes.

The procedure from idea to a finished packaging

1) Get your ideal packaging design

2) Create a template accordingly

3) Providing the template to customers for the design

4) Pre-production sample arrangement

5) Sample is confirmed

6) Starting mass production

7) Shipping


Q:What is MOQ ?

A: The MOQ is 2000 pcs for custom order

Q:Can I get my logo on the products?

A: Sure. We also provide custom packaging design.

Q: What's the cooperation delivery?

A: DHL, Fedex, Ups and so on.

Q: What's your extra service? And do you have after sales service?

A: Yes, we'll reply within 12h.

Q: What service you are providing?

A: We provide one-stop services from design and production of e cigarette cartridge, vape pen, paper box, child proof plastic/glass box based on our advanced production equipment and strong R&D team.

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