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Preroll Packaging Kraft Paper Boxes

Our kraft paper box usually maintains its yellow-brown color and high strength. It is widely used in various packaging supplies, color boxes, gift boxes, kraft paper, etc. And in printing, flexo, gravure, offset, and screen printing processes can be used. Our factory is proficient in the essentials of printing technology, familiar with the printing suitability of printing inks and kraft paper, reasonably selects and deploys inks, controls equipment parameters, and obtains the best quality effect. Meet your different needs.


Long ago, "kraft paper" was really made of calf skin. Of course, this kind of "kraft paper" is now only used when making drum skins; and the kraft paper you use to wrap books is after people have learned the papermaking technology, they use conifer wood fibers and chemically make pulp. , Then put it into the beating machine for beating, then add sizing material, dyes, etc., and finally make paper in the paper machine. Because the color of this paper is yellow-brown, the paper is tough and resembles cowhide, so people call it kraft paper.

In fact, the method of making kraft paper is not much different from ordinary paper. Why is kraft paper stronger than plain paper? This is mainly because the wood fibers used to make kraft paper are relatively long and are treated with caustic soda and sodium sulfide chemicals when cooking wood, so that the chemical action is relatively relaxed, and the original strength of the wood fibers is damaged. It is relatively small, so the paper made of pulp, fibers and fibers is very closely related, so kraft paper is very strong.

Therefore, we customize the box production using strong kraft paper.

Yarktech▕ Packaging Details

Paper type

-Coated paper

-Kraft paper

-Art paper

-Corrugated board

-Paper board etc.

Paper thickness




-400gsm etc.


-Glossy lamination

-Matte lamination

-UV Coating

-Hot stamping






-Panton color

-Metallic Ink

-UV printing

-Fluorescent printing


-Foam insert

-Blister insert

-Plastic insert

-Flocking insert



-Transparent window

Artwork format






Child Resistant Packaging


Child Resistant Packaging

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