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Child Resistant Pinch And Pull Bags

Custom smell proof bag is also known as the smelly proof bags, smell proof weed bags, odor proof bag or odor resistant bag and most of the time used for preserving products, such as breast milk, weed, marijuana or other smell products. Yarktech provide high quality smell proof bags wholesale service. Our products include breast milk storage bags, weed bags, sealable mylar bags, mylar bags, mylar heat seal bags, smell proof mylar bags, smell proof bags, smell proof bags for weed and airtight smell proof bags. Plastic is the common material of smell proof bags. While most of the smell proof weed bags are made of complex, reusable complex materials and fabrics. A good bag design can preserve your products well, yark’s smell proof bags have professional bag design, and provide an excellent storing environment for your products.

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Child Resistant Pinch and Pull bags

Model name

Mylar bags


Aluminum material


Child proof packaging


Welcome custom



Suit for

CBD Chocolate bar/Gummies/Hard candy/Cannabis




Logo printed is available

Mylar Bag

“Pinch and Pull” is a descriptor of the lifetime child resistant closure feature on these awesome heat seal aluminum foil bags. They’re heat sealed for tamper evidence and feature a “to open, pinch and pull” closure. The bags have helpful visual and minimal verbal instructions to assist customers in where exactly to “pinch and pull,” but they’re intended to be too unclear/impossible for kids under five to interpret.

When we say “aluminum foil bags,” we’re referring to the metalization of the Mylar that makes it opaque and extra resilient. However, although the interior of our Pinch and Pull Mylar bag varieties are metallic silver (like foil), the outside is a sleek, velvety matte black. We do, however, make bags that are metallic all over, such as our silver metalized heat seal bags.

If you’re also caught on what “lifetime child resistant” is, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Compliance laws are confusing, and child resistant requirements vary from product to product, from circumstance to circumstance, and from state to state. “Lifetime child resistant” means that the child resistant feature will work over and over again after the initial opening of the container.

The lifetime child resistant feature on the Pinch N Pull Mylar bag is one of the things that sets this cannabis packaging apart. There are dozens of options for weed bags out there, and a majority are tamper evident bags thanks to heat sealing. But it takes very special features that need to go through special testing to make a one time child resistant bag, let alone a lifetime one. “One time child resistant” is exactly what it sounds like: it’s child resistant before the first opening, but after that it no longer is.

If your state requires lifetime child resistant and tamper evident (which can really only be one time) packaging for one or more cannabis products, our Pinch N Pull heat sealable bags are an amazing option. Since we have both fully opaque and vista options, this bag collection is one of the few that truly works for everyone. But there’s one more amazing thing that may make you want these Mylar bags even more.

Mylar bags are heat seal smell proof bags, reducing the scent wafting from your shipping boxes, your dispensary, and your customers’ bags/home storage spots. While it’s pretty safe to assume that your customers enjoy the aroma of cannabis, it’s also safe to assume that not everyone they interact with or live with is down for the pungent scent. By choosing child resistant, tamper evident, resealable, opaque, smell proof Pinch N Pull Mylar heat seal bags, you’re satisfying all parties involved, from your state’s cannabis commission to your customer’s disapproving roommates.


1. Can i do special sized bags?

Yes, we can change the size you need.

2. How many colors can be printed?

Yes. we can do 8-9 colors.

3. Can we do any finishing?

Yes, we can printing matt / gloss and UV finishing.

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Child Resistant Packaging

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