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Dab E-Cig Wax Pens

With the recent changes in the laws of various states, the demand for disposable tap pens will be greater in the market and will gradually grow. Easy to use, easy to carry, can provide traditional pure flavor steam


Dab E-Cig Wax Pens

Mode WV2
Heating Coil  ceramic cup + quartz heater
Resistance 1.2±0.1Ω
Battery  900mAH
Output Voltage  5V
Dimensions  17.5*17.5*108.6mm
Weight 58g
Color Blue/Customized
Logo Accept
MOQ 1000pcs

The Dab wax pen provides a simple and convenient way to consume solid and liquid weed concentrates.

Dab wax pen have many different atomizer types, from coiled rods made of special materials to flat disc options. These two styles provide different steam types according to user preferences.

The Dab pen has a slim and portable design and usually only uses one button for operation.



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Child Resistant Packaging

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