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Cannabis Dab Pen Wax Vaporizer

The WV2 Dab Pens are an extremely popular option to consume dabs, waxes, and concentrates on the go. Dabs, wax and oils have permeated the culture with an entirely new experience, and we've got the tools for the job! Many tokers are choosing a dab pen for their next purchase because of the portability and connivence.


Cannabis Dab Pen Wax Vaporizer

Model Number WV2 Wax Vaporizer Pen
Weight 50g
Size 108.6mm(L)*17.5mm(W)*17.5mm(H)
Material Plastic & Aluminum alloy shell
Neutral Color Dark blue
Battery Capacity 900mah Class A lithium battery
Heating coil Ceramic cup + quartz heater
Connector 510 thread
Mouthpiece Ceramic Mouthpiece
Top Cover Magnetic
Charge port Micro USB charge port
Vaping mode Manual mode
Package Content1* battery;
2* coils;
1* wire cable ;
1* wax tool;
1* use manual;
1* gift box;

Coil Heater information
Model Number Heater A/ Heater B
Size D12.3*H19mm / D9.3*H25mm
Weight 6.5g/ 2.8g
Heating chamber Coil-less ceramic bowl
Heating element Quartz heater
Resistance 1.2±0.1ohm

1. Replaceable quartz coil in ceramic cup, clean and pure.

2. Exquisite and portable pen style, easy to carry around.

3. Two difference vaporizer available to meet different customers preference.

4. Coil cap keeps mouthpiece from getting hot and keeps chamber clean druing use.

5. The WV2 is designed to give you crystal clean and smooth experience of vaping.

Unlike the dry herb vapes, extract vaporizers really do create vapor by using a battery to heat a special cannabis concentrate that you inhale like smoke. In this way, the biggest change in how you use this product from other forms of vaping is simply the medium, as extract vapes are commonly available in pen form (though box mods are also a good choice if you like something a little bigger in your hand).

That said, there are some other key differences that help extra vaping stand out. For starters, you don't need to worry about grinding any dry herbs, so that's pretty convenient. The oil used in extract vapes also comes in a ton of different flavors, meaning you don't have to settle for just the standard herb taste. Additionally, the biggest drawback for these vapes would simply be user error. Filling your vape with the oil can be a bit precarious if you're inexperienced, especially since it stains like nothing else. So long as you're careful, though, it shouldn't be too big of a deal.

How Does a Dab Pen Work?

As mentioned above, dab pens are relatively new in the market. Due to this fact, most people fear that the device is complex and they will not be able to understand how to use it. However, learning the ropes of these devices is pretty simple and quick. Therefore, if you are unfamiliar with the world of wax vaporizers and you’ve never used it before, then worry not. There is a big variety of different wax vaporizers ranging from small to large, and from cheap to costly. However, all these devices have a very similar functionality when it comes down to their operation. Here are some simple instructions on how to use these devices.


Q:Why choose us?

A: We are professional CBD vape pen Manufacturer which has several years OEM/ODM experience in Disposable pen CBD Glass cartridge and 510 battery .

Q: How to order?

Please let us know the model, quantity you need, Get Latest Quote

Confirm order details, Reach Trading Intention, the PI will be send to you soon.

After payment, we will ship out to you in 1-3 business days(sample order)

Q: How to payment?

A:  Alibaba/TT is available

Q: Which express ship the goods?

A: Shipping Method:  DHL/UPS or customized option. It will take 3-7 days..

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