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Custom Pre-Roll Tin Packaging

This is 0.25mm thick tinplate prerolled joints packaging box with child resistant.Childproof 5 pack pre roll cigarette joint tin box, custom paper divider or plastic divider insert.We accept custom design, our professional design team can support you.


Custom Pre-Roll Tin Box

Custom Pre Roll Boxes For Joints 

Joints have been a favored staple and method of enjoying marijuana for ages. This time-honored modality of smoking weed is as popular today as ever before, driving demand for both pre-rolls and associated products.

Often referred to as a pre-roll joint, pre-made joints can be found in every dispensary across the USA. From individual pre-rolls to boxed sets, your pre-rolls need to be packaged into a visually appealing, safe, and reliable box.

Custom pre-roll boxes for joints provide dispensaries with customized packaging that highlights their brand, piques interest, exudes appeal and drives more sales…all while ensuring that your customers’ pre-rolls make it from dispensary to home safe and protected.

More Options

  1. CR001 Child Resistant 10 Packs Prerolled Packaging box

  2. CR004 Childproof Box Packaging for 3 pack, 4 packs, 5 packs, 7 packs, custom dimensions freely.


  3. Magnetic Closed Prerolled Boxes Packaging


  4. Kraft Paper Magnetic Closed Preroll Joints Packaging Box



Child Resistant Packaging


Child Resistant Packaging

Custom Packaging

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