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Child Resistant Pre-Roll Tin Box

Enjoy the grace and ease of the Child-Resistant Slider Tin in various Color Slide under the velvet rope with a low-profile, eye-catching sensation! The child-resistant slider tin boasts a secure but frustration free slide tab closure. These impressive tins come in black,silver,and other color which is perfect for those trying to brand with their own stickers and labels, but don't forget--we can customize the whole thing from nose to tail for you! A sleek multipack, these tins can hold up five 109mm pre-rolls, which means you will be ready to hit the road or keep the party going--whichever you prefer!

  • CR007
  • Yarktech
                                                  Custom Preroll Tin Case

Model name

CR007 Tin Case


Tinplate + Cardboard insert or blister insert




Internal size 109*70*13mm, it suitable to 83mm, 98mm, 109mm prerolls

Surface feature

Embossing, Glossy and matte lamination, hot stamping,
foil-stamping, spot UV, hologram foil etc.


CMYK full color printing, pantones


PDF, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe In Design, Photoshop (Higher than 300dpi)


Pre-roll package, vape cartridge packaging

Industry application

E cigarettes, MMJ, medicines, gift, etc

 Preroll Tin case

The procedure of customization:

1) Get your ideal packaging design

2) Create a template accordingly

3) Providing the template to customers for the design

4) Pre-production sample arrangement

5) Sample is confirmed

6) Starting mass production

7) Shipping

Why Custom Pre Roll Boxes?

The right types of boxes and packaging can make a big difference for dispensaries dedicated to customer experience, exceptional product quality and safety.

As a result, custom-made pre-roll boxes are often the ideal solution, allowing dispensaries and smoke shops to apply their own branding to everything from colors and shapes to the overall design and messaging.

Before making a purchase, a customer sees the pre-roll box for the last time. With the right pre-roll boxes, you will be able to highlight product benefits and draw attention for all the right reasons, which will result in increased sales and satisfaction.

With custom boxes that represent your brand and support your values, you can reinforce your customers' desires and support their purchase decision. A pre-roll box is the first time your product is encountered by someone who enjoys joints. Even before they light up, they begin forming (subconsciously) opinions about the product, value, and what to expect.

A cheap, low-grade box may indicate a poor product or an uncaring business that doesn't pay attention to details, final touches, or improving the customer experience.

Solutions that are unique, dynamic, and custom-tailored

Each brand and dispensary is unique. Packaging for pre-rolls and other cannabis products deserves their own special touch. When it is time to smoke, cannabis will remain fresh, safe, and well-protected with the right solution.

Custom logos, color schemes, messaging, dimensions, and more all contribute to enhancing the overall customer experience.

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Child Resistant Packaging


Child Resistant Packaging

Custom Packaging


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