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Sryinge Child Lock Box

This is our CR series paper tube. There is a child lock function, and it has passed the US CFR 1700.20 certification. It has a simple appearance and a good feel. We provide customized services, and meet the requirements, we can customize samples and mail them to you.


Have you got the four moisture-proof methods packaged by Yarktech?

Every exquisite gift needs a gift box. The role of gift boxes in our lives is unquestionable. It is a good way to wrap gifts. As we all know, damp in the gift box will affect the gifts inside, so moisture prevention has become a concern for us. So how to prevent the gift box from getting wet? Below, Yarktech will introduce four moisture-proof methods for gift boxes.

1. The waxing method The waxing method for the surface of the cardboard, the production method and equipment are relatively simple, and the operation is very simple to grasp.

2. Laminating method

Laminating is a commonly used decoration processing method for pre-printed gift box paper, paper boxes, handbags, covers and other commodities.

3. Spray method In recent years, due to the continuous development of the market economy, there will be more and more demand for coated cardboard for liquid beverages, solid frozen food and other commodities, and the coating method will become more and more sophisticated.

4. Varnishing method Varnishing is a commonly used method for post-printing processing of packaged goods. After the surface of the product is glazing and coated, it can enhance the functions of water resistance, light resistance, and conflict resistance, and also improve the appearance of the product. , Make the grade of goods greatly improved.

So we can carry out customized packaging according to the above concepts.

The procedure of custom packaging

◆Got your ideal packaging design

◆Create a template accordingly

◆Providing the template to customers for the design

◆Pre-production sample(digital proof sample) arrangement

◆Sample is confirmed

◆Starting mass production



Child Resistant Packaging


Child Resistant Packaging

Custom Packaging

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